Hans Peter Luhn; Published in IBM Journal of Research and Business Intelligence Systems: State-of-the-art Review and Contemporary Applications. Business Intelligence has empowered organizations to derive data-driven IBM computer scientist Hans Peter Luhn, that the potential of BI was recognized. The article, titled “A Business Intelligence System”, described “an. Luhn, H.P. () A Business Intelligence System. IBM Journal of Research and Development, 2,

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Each document entering the xystem shown in Fig. An action point telephones the librarian and states the information wanted. As an alternative the resulting pattern may be rearranged and be distributed over a storage array to permit random access according to characteristics.

Hans Peter Luhn – Wikipedia

Since this type of document is an indication of the interest xystem the originating action point, the information pattern derived by the auto-encoding process is not only stored in document-pattern storage but also is impressed on the profile of its bisiness, thereby updating it. Action-point profiles As indicated earlier, one of the basic requirements of the system is the ability to recognize by mechanical means the sphere of interest and the type of activities that characterize each of the action points the system is to serve.

Auto-abstracting of documents; Auto-encoding of documents; Automatic creation and updating of action-point profiles. The monitor is substantially a random-access storage device and has the functional capabilities of performing inventory operations.

A Business Intelligence System – Beautiful Data [Book]

The findings may serve to adjust the system for optimum efficiency. It is surprising that his name and businews to information handling are largely forgotten.

A number of additional useful functions which may be derived from the system are briefly described here. In order to avoid such cumulative effects, the system is so arranged that the response to past interests is gradually relaxed. However, instead of simulating a document pattern, a profile pattern is developed which represents most closely the characteristics of an action point sought.

Their use as standard equipment in the future would provide machine-readable records inelligence new information.

In those cases where the original document is available in machine-readable form, the transcription is done mechanically. In view of the present growth trends, automation appears to offer the most efficient methods for retrieval and dissemination of this information.


More particularly the object of the system is to perform these functions speedily and efficiently, taking advantage of novel procedures which utilize the inherent capabilities of electronic devices. This is accomplished by means of an information pattern similar to that of the documents. A predetermined portion of the words of highest frequency is then given the status of significant words and an analysis is made of all the sentences in the text containing such words.

The document-output phase deals with internally generated documents. It is believed that techniques now being developed will businsss contribute to the solution of the problem by extending automatic processes to inteelligence preparatory phases of mechanical information-retrieval systems, to the are of dissemination and to lkhn functions.

Information is now being generated and utilized at an ever-increasing rate because of the accelerated pace and scope of human activities and the steady rise in the average level of education. It also appears quite feasible to share the system equipment among a number of nans. The system is to provide means for quickly discovering similarity of interests and activities that might exist amongst action points so that subjects and problems of common concern may be discussed and sjstem through direct interchange of ideas between such points, if so desired.

The author demonstrates shocking prescience. Today’s SDI systems owe a great deal to a paper by Luhn, “A Business Intelligence System”, [5] which described an “automatic itnelligence to provide current awareness services to scientists and engineers” who needed help to cope with the rapid post-war growth of scientific and technical literature. Pioneer of Information Science.

Perhaps the techniques which ultimately find greatest use will bear little resemblance to those now visualized, but some form of automation will ultimately provide an effective answer to business intelligence problems. As a result of these operations the profile of a given action point has been updated to businrss interest in a currently communicated subject.

Some of these are listed below:. Depending on the age of each of these patterns, an adjustment is made on the fraction of similarity that must be met in the comparison process of new documents. Before the system operation is described, the term Business Intelligence System should be defined and the objectives and principles stated.

Several sentences which rank highest in has of significance are then extracted from the text to constitute the auto-abstract. In this case the specialized system would each assume the role of an action point in the mother system. These decisions are then entered into the system in the form of acceptances. The auto-abstracting and auto-encoding systems are in their early stage of development and a great deal of research has yet to be done to perfect them.


Both incoming and internally generated documents are automatically abstracted, characterized by a word pattern, and sent automatically to appropriate action points. The information to be discovered may vary widely and may consist of anything ranging from factual data to an extensive bibliography on a broad subject.

One of the most crucial problems in communication is that of channeling a given item of information to those who inyelligence to know it.

Happy Birthday to the “Father of Business Intelligence”

This information is stored in coded form on a medium that may be subjected to serial scanning. Since a history of the usage of the system is stored in the monitor, an analysis of its records will disclose the efficiency of system operation.

The usual type of question asked is: The query pattern will be impressed on the profile as a matter of course, whether or not the inquiry has been satisfied, so that new documents relevant to the subject of the inquiry will be made known subsequently. An acceptance is made at an action point by dialing the document number, prefixed by a code symbol, whereupon the monitor will instruct the microcopy storage device to produce a photocopy of the complete document, properly marked with the action-point designation.

The microfilm record is stored elsewhere to constitute a microfilm master file which may serve to regenerate records in cases of emergency.

Hans Peter Luhn

Since this method tends to swamp the recipients with paper, the probability of not communicating at all becomes great. Our assembly of these functional sections into a complete system is shown in Fig. If a list of the documents retrieved is available, the process of retrieval may be greatly simplified.

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