First published in , A Traveler from Altruria tells the story of a foreign visitor who presents the concept of a Utopian society. Howells hoped his novel would. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. William Dean Howells (March 1, – May 11, ) A Traveler from Altruria: Romance Kindle Edition. by. “I could not give you a clear account of the present state of things in my country,” the Altrurian began, “without first telling you something of our conditions before.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. What I enjoyed most about this story is the way it portrays class warfare in America that is still relevant today. To ask other readers questions about A Traveler from Altruriaplease sign up.

A Traveler from Altruria – Wikisource, the free online library

Be the first to ask a question about A Traveler from Altruria. We descended into the valley of the shadow, and dwelt amid chaos for ages before we groped again into the light.

But perhaps I shall give a sufficiently clear notion of the altruriq of the change among us when I say that within half altrkria decade after the fall of the old plutocratic oligarchy one of the chief directors of the Accumulation publicly expressed his gratitude to God that the Accumulation had passed away forever.

The whole land was bound together with a network of iron roads that linked the factories and founderies to the fields and mines, and altruriaa the landscape with the enterprise that spoiled the lives of men.

But the corruption even of these methods was far surpassed when the era of consolidation came, and the necessity for statutes and verdicts and decisions became more stringent. They knew they were right, and that they ought to have stood up for their rights; but they had to lie down and lick the hand that fed them. Mar 20, Hyrax rated it liked it. It left us the suffrage, and let us amuse ourselves with the periodical election of the political clay images which it manipulated and moulded to altruriz shape and effect at its pleasure.

About William Dean Howells. As all business had been gathered into the grasp of the Accumulation, and the manufacture of everything they used and the production of everything that they ate was in the control of the Accumulation, its transfer to the government was the work of a single clause in the statute.


It was a juggle in which the weak did not see that their safety was, after all, altruriia themselves; but it was an image of peace, however false and alfruria, and it endured for a time. Mar 04, Bryan rated it it was ok. It’s a book about class and gender inequality, civil rights, and economic injustice. The first lesson of business, and the last, is to use other men’s gifts and powers.

In seasons of overproduction, as it was called, it locked the workmen out or laid them off, and left their families to starve, or ran light work and claimed the credit of public benefactors for running at all. These shoemakers — lasters, button-holers, binders, and so on — no longer wore themselves out over their machines. Chelsea rated it it was ok May 29, Views Read Edit View history. He was particularly outraged by the trials resulting from the Haymarket Riot.

Physical labour is shared amongst the working population so that no one has to work for more than three hours per day.

Then the infamy became altruroa great, and the law, the voice of the people, so long guiltily silent, was lifted in behalf of those who had no helper. The voice came from an old farmer, holding himself stiffly up, with his hands in his pockets and his lean frame bent toward the speaker.

A Traveler from Altruria

His poems were collected during andand a volume under the title Stops traevler Various Quills was published during Levy has indicated that in A Traveler from Altruria Howells, while pursuing his industrious, profitable career as a man of letters, criticized the business principles that had helped ensure his own success.

Whenever and wherever competition had play there had been nothing but disaster to the rival enterprises, till one rose over the rest. It is perhaps in this role that he had his greatest influence.

God forbid that you should ever come to such a pass in America; but, if you ever should, God grant that you may find your way out as simply as we did at last, when freedom had perished in everything but name among us, and fgom had become a mockery. Howells method to fix that thought is the Altrurian altruroa where everyone is guaranteed a share of the national product only if he works at least frrom hours a day in an acceptable occupation.


Connor Eichenauer rated it really liked it Aug 11, The Accumulation always said that it was the best friend of the proletariate, and it denounced, through the press which it controlled, the proletarian leaders who taught that it was the enemy of the proletariate, and who stirred up strikes and tumults of all sorts, for higher wages and fewer hours. To see what your friends alrruria of this book, please sign up. Let the man go on!

Once I was in a strike, when I was working on the railroad, and I’ve seen men come and give up their liberty for a chance to earn their family’s living.

It seems trraveler be the law of all life that nothing can come to fruition without dying and seeming to make an end. His novel The Rise of Silas Lapham is perhaps his best known, describing the rise and fall of an American entrepreneur of the paint business.

A Traveler from Altruria by William Dean Howells

W, whatever they are, God forbid that the likeness which you seem to recognize should ever go so far as the desperate state of things which we finally reached.

Books by William Dean Howells. Since that time the whole region of our southeastern coast has enjoyed the climate of your Mediterranean countries.

Makes you think about the American system in a way that you don’t normally think about. Dec 29, joseph rated it really liked it Shelves: The common ownership of mines necessarily followed, with an allotment of lands to any one who wished to live by tilling the land; but not a foot altrria the land was remitted to private hands for the purposes of selfish pleasure or the exclusion of any other from the landscape.

It sought every chance to reduce wages; it had laws passed to forbid or cripple the workmen in their strikes; and the judges convicted them of conspiracy, and wrested the statutes to their hurt, in cases where there had been no thought of embarrassing them, even among the legislators.