[read-only] Indicates whether any content in the HTMLLoader object is The event is not dispatched when ActionScript code changes the. The fla file I was using was created in Flash CS3. This was incompatible and I recreated it in Flash CS6. Fixed the problem!. You cannot use ExternalInterface with HTMLLoader between the AS3 host and a child HTMLLoader. You can use it with a child SWF that is.

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Examples How to use examples. Indicates whether an object has a specified property defined. Boolean If set to true, Flash runtimes cache an internal bitmap representation of the display object.

HTMLHost – Adobe ActionScript® 3 (AS3 ) API Reference

Setting the textEncodingOverride property to null restores the default behavior. The current position in the history list. Dispatched when a user presses and releases the main button of the user’s pointing device over the same InteractiveObject. The content cannot access the window. You can set the parameters to change the properties of the new window. Number Indicates the horizontal scale percentage of the object as applied from the registration point.

HTMLHost – AS3

The height, in pixels, of the HTML content. A reference to the class object or constructor function for a given object instance. Dispatched when a user presses the middle pointing device button over an InteractiveObject instance. ApplicationDomain The application domain to use for the window.

This event has the following properties: The place where the. Indicates whether the security restrictions would cause any display objects to be omitted from the list htlmloader by calling the DisplayObjectContainer. Evaluates the display object to see if it overlaps or intersects with the obj display object.

I desperately want to get it running. String Controls the appearance of the soft keyboard.


HTMLLoader – AS3

String Indicates the instance name of the DisplayObject. Actionscropt An indexed array that contains each filter object currently associated with the display object. Amir Rasti 3 This event has the following properties: The complete event for the previous load operation will never be delivered. Dispatched when the user moves an active stylus away from this InteractiveObject and any of its children while remaining within the proximity detection threshold of the screen.

The quickstart page is an old page I forgot existed and needs to be deleted. To use this class, create a new class a subclass that extends the HTMLHost class and that overrides the methods for which you want to define behaviors.

Dispatched when a user presses and releases the main button of a pointing device twice in rapid succession over the same InteractiveObject when that object’s doubleClickEnabled flag is set to true. Transform An object with properties pertaining to a display object’s matrix, color transform, and pixel bounds. Swaps the z-order front-to-back order of the two specified child objects.

Calling this method of the HTMLLoader object has the same effect as calling the forward method of the window.

Hide Inherited Public Methods. An indexed array that contains each filter object currently associated with the display object. The height, in pixels, of the HTML content. Number Indicates the y-axis rotation of the DisplayObject instance, in degrees, from its original orientation relative to the 3D parent container. Use the currentTarget property to access the object in the display list that is currently processing the event.

The history list corresponds to the window. Specifies whether successful response data should be cached for HTTP requests issued by this object.

HTMLLoader – Adobe ActionScript® 3 (AS3 ) API Reference

Indicates the alpha transparency value of the object specified. Returns a rectangle that defines the area of the display object relative to the coordinate system of the targetCoordinateSpace object. These methods and properties are: Object Returns the primitive value of the specified object.


Dispatched when a user presses and releases the middle button of the user’s pointing device over the same Actionsrcipt. Navigates back in the browser history, if possible. Returns an array of objects that lie under the specified point and are children or grandchildren, and so on of this DisplayObjectContainer instance. Boolean Specifies whether navigation of the root frame of the HTML content such as when the user clicks a link, when the window.

Determines whether the children of the object are tab enabled. Dispatched when a display object is added to the display list. This may be result from a new image or other content loading, for example.

AccessibilityProperties The current accessibility actiosncript for this display object. Dispatched by the drag initiator InteractiveObject when the user releases the drag gesture. You earlier mentioned Android, have you read the Android section? Dispatched when the user moves a pointing device away from an InteractiveObject instance.

Dispatched when the user performs a zoom gesture at a point of contact with an InteractiveObject instance such as touching two fingers to a screen and then quickly spreading the fingers apart over a display object on a mobile phone or tablet with a touch screen. This default value varies depending actoonscript the runtime actionsrcipt system such as Mac OS, Linux, or Windowsthe runtime language, and the runtime version, as in the following examples:.

Dispatched when the user attempts to change focus by using keyboard navigation.

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