Malinda Lo is the author of the young adult novels Ash, Huntress, Adaptation, and Inheritance. Ash was a finalist for the William C. Morris YA Debut Award, the . : Adaptation (): Malinda Lo: Books. Malinda Lo ( Author) . Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. : Adaptation (): Malinda Lo: Books. Book 1 of 2 in the Adaptation Series $ Read with Our Free App; Hardcover from $

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Not obviously different, but just a little, just enough for a few eyebrows to lift in curiosity. Very cold, bordering-on-solid molasses. Speaking of Reese’s mother, that woman is amazing and I love her. It’s not problematic, but it’s a aadptation up in the speed.

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How can you NOT like an alien story if it’s well done? This novel is compelling, it’s imaginative, and it’s very real despite being a work of fiction. The characters do feel well-rounded and believable, as well. She literally runs into a beautiful, charismatic girl named Amber and is inexplicably drawn to her.

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Reese and David manage to rent a car and try to drive home and on the way they get into an accident caused by you guessed it, birds. The trio manages to rent a car and on their drive home, an aadptation of unspeakable violence sets Reese and David on a manic drive along an empty stretch of road in the middle of Nevada.

Life โ€” work, school, alien invasions, whatever โ€” continues to happen. While she’s attracted to David, she’s also attracted to Amber, and she’s struggling to determine who she wants to be with.


But perhaps that also stems from the fact that David has no personality to speak of.

The MC in this, Reese, finds herself feeling attracted to another girl for the first time, in addition to having feelings for her male classmate. Once David and Reese return home they are changed and weird things are happening to their bodies.

David, too, actually, which is why I have issues getting behind that pairing. Taisin cares little for that.

Danika reviews Adaptation by Malinda Lo

Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted. Every character had a personality except for him. All of this would be crazy enough, but during the summer, Reese also meets the beautiful Amber Gray. Aug 13, Katherine rated it it was amazing Shelves: A what’s adaptatin on with those birds?!

What I got from Reese’s relationships and attraction is that gender does not have to be a factor in determining who you’re attracted to, not a main factor. Reese gets swept up in the whole thing since it escalates rather quickly, but then has a moment where she realises she’s not ready.

And a gay, black, Jewish adapttaion theorist that started out like the iconic line from “Kingsman”!

Thousands die, and fearing terrorism, the United States grounds all flights. I love how this is such a human story: On adaptatio way, a bird attacks their car, and they crash. After an unsuccessful stint at the national debate championship, Reese, David and their coach Mr.

InMalinda Lo co-founded Diversity in YAa website and book tour to promote and celebrate diverse representations in adaptaiton adult literature, with fellow young adult author Cindy Pon. I will This was a fun, quick YA sci-fi read!


Something I really appreciated was a scene between Reese and Amber, not long after they met, kissed and Reese realised she likes girls, where they come very close to having sex. Aug 22, Shenwei rated it it was amazing Shelves: Although it is, in adaptztion, a murder mystery, that is not what the novel is truly about.

First off, this has some awesome bisexual representation.


Something very strange has happened to David and her โ€” something she does not understand and has been forbidden to talk about by shadowy federal agents.

They break up, which is understandable but a shame, because on her own, Reese has all the personality of a cardboard cut-out. I read this first semester of 8th grade, right before I started questioning, and I vaguely remember having a strong reaction to the adaltation that two girls were kissing.

Things are happening, and after the birds suddenly die, things are different. Skip to secondary content. Both Ash and Huntress were Fantasy stories in a secondary world setting, featuring lyrical writing and a coming of age motif at their centre.

Reese believes the accident happened around the area most commonly known as Area This is actually a adaptahion, not a trilogy, though there is also an accompanying novella.