Click here to download Management Adviory Services (MAS) hi meron po ba kayong solman ng mas by agamata edition thanks. Reply. View Test Prep – MULTIPLE CHOICE – Agamata Textbook from CAF 1 at Polytechnic University of the Philippines. C MAS Practice C A B View MAS-by-Agamata-reviewer from BSIT at University of Cebu – Lapu-lapu & Mandaue. This Accounting Materials are brought to you by.

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. C Basic Concepts 1. B Costs classification Basic Concepts This Accounting Materials are brought to you by www.

C Costs Basic Concepts 1. B classification Basic Concepts C MAS Agamwta C Operating income C True or False D Coefficient of T Income with D High-low method B Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Multiple Choice D Multiple Choice C Basic Concepts B Direct labor 6. C budget Other budgeting 7. No question Factory overhead B Breakeven and C CVP graphs agamwta A Breakeven Point D Cash budget B budget Flexible budget D Multiple Choice Basic Concepts D Basic Concepts D Basic Concepts 1.


MAS by Agamata reviewer

C cost variances 8. A Transfer pricing B Material cost D Accept or reject a A special sales order A Direct labor cost A Variances Miscellaneous A Drop or continue a division, department, process, project or activity Chapter 10 Chapter 11 D Multiple Choice 1. B Basic Concepts 2.

C Maximization of 7. C internal failure A cost Retain or D an old asset B Sell-as-is or C process further a product D Bid price D Sales variation D Shut down maz D Scrap or D defective units Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 1.

A Multiple Choice D Multiple Choice 2. B Basic Concepts C Miscellaneous Basic Concepts 3.

CPA materials PH: Management Advisory Services (MAS) Reviewer Prof. Bobadilla

A Vertical Analysis B Net Cost of A Liquidity ratios A Leverage ratios A Financing ratios C Net returns B Cost of capital A Profitability ratios A evaluation models A Growth ratios C Ch 14 Cont. Chapter 15 Chapter 16 D Multiple Choice Multiple Choice B Effective discount rate D NPV index A Internal rate of B Discounted cash Return B flows model A Effective interest 6.

C Credit and A collection policy D General working A capital concepts C and 4 C Accounts receivable Net present value A portfolio analysis nas C Other discounted C cash flows C Lease or buy C Chapter 17 Multiple Choice A Safety stock 7. D EQQ Model A Reorder point Remember me on this computer.


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