The three essays collected in this book offer a succinct introduction to Agamben’s recent work through an investigation of Foucault’s notion of the apparatus. Agamben. Giorgio. [Esys. English. Sc:1=ionsl. What is an apparatus? and other esys I Giorgio Agamben ; uanslated by David Kishik and Stefan Pedatella. Excavating Government: Giorgio Agamben’s Archaeological Dig. Critical Encounter Between Giorgio Agamben and Michel Foucault: Review of Recent Works.

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Foucault’s historical mappings of the networks of social reality” https: While there are good reasons for which translators have chosen to use “apparatus” for dispositifthere is growing cause abamben evaluating the theoretical and empirical specificity of each concept, and either to rethink the rendering as “apparatus” or to keep in mind the specific philosophical trajectories of each one.

Michel Foucault Philosophy of technology Postmodern theory Post-structuralism. Foucault, Agamben, and the Enlightenment. Aggamben page was last edited on 10 Novemberat Sophie Fuggle – unknown.

Jeffrey Bussolini, What is a Dispositive? – PhilPapers

Mathieu Brugidou – – Corpus Laboratoire Language By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Sign in to use this feature. A Parte Rei Analytic and Concept in Foucaultian Inquiry.


Michel Foucault in Translation. No keywords specified fix it.

A rigorous engagement with these experiential elements, grounded in rigorous historical, technical, and theoretical methods. Retrieved from ” https: Jeroen Vandaele – – Perspectives 24 1: What is an Author, Indeed: Parrhesia 22, Request removal from index.

Researching the Pedagogical Apparatus Dispositif: Giorgio Agamben’s Archaeological Dig. Ramon Blanco – – Astrolabio: Arne de Boever – – Foucault Studies Review of Recent Works of Agamben.

The three essays collected in this book offer a succinct introduction to Agamben’s recent work through an investigation of Foucault’s notion of the apparatus, a meditation on the intimate link of philosophy to friendship, and a reflection on contemporariness, or the singular relation one may have to one’s own time. More in Philosophy—Poststructuralism and Phenomenology.

Dispositif is a term used by the French intellectual Michel Foucaultgenerally to refer to the various institutional, physical, and administrative mechanisms and knowledge structures which enhance and maintain the exercise of power within the social body.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Giorgio Agamben – – Stanford University Press.


Stanford University Press has published six of his previous dspositive Furthermore, it determines not only what is and can be considered possible but also what can even be imagined and anticipated as potentially realizable, as something one can hope for, or act to bring about”.

Sam Binkley – – History of the Human Sciences 24 3: Foucault uses the term in his “The Confession of the Flesh” interview, where he answers the question, “What is the meaning or methodological function for you of this term, apparatus dispositif?

Indeterminate Architecture and the Dispositif of Studentification. Science Logic and Mathematics. Find it on Scholar. The Allegory of the Cage: