Akai SXL Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Akai SXL User Manual. could anyone hook me up with the original akai s (not xl) manual? i’ve already searched they only have sxls manual. Hi! Is there anybody who have the manuals for the AKAI S and S? I have searched all the net, but came up empty:(I have e-mailed.

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To xkai the abrupt tonal discrepancies sometimes experienced when two different samples are placed ‘side by side’ on the keyboard, positional keygroup crossfading can be used for a smoother transition.

You will also receive this message if you try to save to a CD-ROM which, of course, is a read-only medium. To then select program 26, simply press 6. But before we look at the program editing functions, maunal first look at what a program is.

To use the example of akkai again, let’s say you assign a piano sound to a part and set the pan position to R25 – you might back the level off a bit as well. For playing up to 16 programs together for multi-timbral sequencing, layering and key splits.

With that in mind, you may like to skip a lot of this section as it really refers to the ‘old method’ of using earlier Akai samplers. You will receive something like this akao display: It can also be very effective with such instruments as a heavily bowed cello – by setting a high positive value, hard keystrokes will play the aggressive bowing whilst soft keystrokes will not.


Akai S3000XL User Manual

Of course, s3000zl will need to assign each program to have different MIDI channels: The key is invaluable in creating loops. This has a relationship with indiy: Please take the time to read it as a fuller understanding of the instrument will enable you to use the SSOOOXL’s remarkable facilities to the full. SXL works by making a copy of the original.

You will receive the following warning if you try to record at 48kHz: To overcome this, we can overlap keygroups simply by setting their key ranges accordingly: This works like pressure and modwheel and allows you to open and close the filter by moving the pitch bend wheel or lever. There are some important things to note when using the disk record functions, however.

In this way, it is quick and easy to enter data even across two different screens.

Akai SXL Manuals

Page of Go. For stereo samples to play in stereo, they must be in the same keygroup and set up as shown above. For example, if it takes one second to cover an octave, it will take two seconds to cover two octaves, four seconds to cover three octaves, eight seconds to cover four octaves, etc.

Setting Programs’ Midi Parameters This sets the FX channel the program is routed to.

This field allows you to select whether you wish to listen to other programs that have the same program number as you edit the currently selected program. When layering sounds in a multi, to apply portamento to some sounds and not to others, create a program with portamento and another program without portamento and place the programs into separate parts, assigning the same MIDI channel to those parts.


Akai S3000XL Manuals

Formatting A Hard Disk Arranging is a faster operation than a full format it simply initialises directories into a format suitable for use by the SXL.

After you have loaded the first program and its associated samples, just use LOAD so that the new programs you load are added to the programs in memory. These can be used for a number of things that include velocity switching and crossfading, playback of stereo samples and layering.

Naming Files – The Name Key It must be said that this page is really an inheritance from earlier Akai samplers when using multi-timbral setups. You could use this type of assignment for playing back stereo samples where the left and right samples are assigned to their own zones 1 and 2 respectively in one keygroup and each zone is panned hard left and hard right.

Page HOLD loop. To set this, select the keygroup in the active keygroup number: It is possible to zoom in on the waveform using the key. The default may be freely set as you wish.

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