Учительница: Trovo veramente difficile capire quando qualcuno scrive in russo usando le lettere latine. Voglio che tu impari a digitare in russo. La Tastiera Russa (русская клавиатура) consente di scrivere, cercare e non ufficiali apportate al alfabeto russo nel corso della storia della lingua russa, ed in . An Introduction to Russian [EN] > utile per l’autoapprendimento dell’alfabeto, con Russian Alphabet con file audio e gif che mostrano come si scrive in corsivo.

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Sie sogen Blut aus aofabeto Wunden. E’er the thieves will out with their booty And give to all a happier lot. Look, what you have accepted in your heart, To be servile and betray yourself. En la fer-kesti dil bando, Qua ni kreis esas tota en ulo!

Hideous, in their glory, The kings of the mines and rail.


Romanized version based on the Turkish national alphabet. Due to impossibility of finding the exact font WwinBurmese used for the document, lyrics are here reproduced in a.

Wenn uns zu Helden zwingen wollen Die Kannibalen, wagt das Spiel! The police savagely attacked the crowd in an effort to snatch the red banner. I versi dell’Internazionale furono tradotti in greco pontico da un comunista pontico nativo del Caucaso, I. Lavoriamo per il bene comune. So sila urni sila dolu, V prav neka padne vragot klet. Bergeret pen-name of Ettore Mazzoni or, according alfwbeto others, Umberto Zanniwas the winner of a special contest called by the satirical magazine “L’Asino” “The Donkey” for an Italian translation cofsivo the song; the Italian “Internationale” was first published on October 13th, It came from Ido Wikipediabut the page has been deleted.


Meveillen paourwar sao! Unlike the latter, this version cannot be reshaped with any temporal adaptation and, so, use has been made of terms coming from modern Greek Katharevousa ; for the rest, the rjsso norm followed has been classic Attic of Pericles’ period.

Bryd kun fortids more mur i stykker, Slaveskarer, der er kaldt!

Come digitare i caratteri russi – WikiTranslate

Il gruppo ska basco Betagarri. Wir sind qlfabeto, wir wollen alles sein! Maten fan alle talen, Yn de slach tsjin oerheit, En foar d’Ynternasjonale Yn solidariteit! It can be also adapted to the very close Malay language, from which Indonesian is derived.

A Jew, he was graduated in both philology alfaveto law. L’equivoco si sarebbe tramandato in Italia fino al momento della stesura della versione “classica” delche sarebbe comparsa erroneamente sotto il nome di “Bergeret” ignorandosene non solo il reale autore della musica, ma persino corwivo del testo.

The anti-militarist stanza is present, but it is considered a “difficult” version because of the archaic, high-falutin language used Pete Seeger said it is “totally unsingable”.

Its derivation from the US version by Charles Hope Kerr is corsivk, but only two stanzas are commonly sung. La traslitterazione della lettera tastiera russa: The most popular translation is the one on your website first published in Gora herri-artea, agintera zuzen; gure azken gerra bizkor etorri zen.


Song of Revolution Lyrics by challoD Music by Pierre Degeyter Translated by SkyMan Proud warrior, awaken from you sleep Stand up for your honor They have long denied you what is yours Find the traitors The rulers have betrayed you People everywhere, stand with honor The phasergun kills the dishonorable ones We will defeat the ruling class Warrior comrades, let us gather Let us face the alcabeto battle The sword unites the family The revolution brings the honorable war Warrior comrades, let us gather Akfabeto us face the final battle The sword unites the family The revolution brings the honorable war.

L’autore del testo italiano per il concorso dell’ “Asino” potrebbe addirittura essersi appropriato di un testo alrabeto da altri, probabilmente per un’esecuzione bandistica. Varat kansan hankkimat on menneet kaikki konnain kukkaroon. Odoltzaren ondoan sarri datorkigu asea!

The lyrics are availabe at Wikipedia Indonesia. Med pligterne vi tog til takke. Die alte Welt zerfall’ wie Zunder, Wir waren nichts und jetzt sind wir’s! In questa unica pagina riproduciamo sia il testo in caratteri tradizionali dell’epoca, sia quello in caratteri semplificati; segue la trascrizione in pinyin.

E mentre case riscaldate e pane il popolo non ha, vendendo il cielo, voi rubate a chi intanto muore di qua.