The AMCA laboratory has the capability to test fans, louvers, dampers, air curtains ANSI/AMCA D Laboratory Methods of Testing Dampers for Rating . Buy AMCA D: LABORATORY METHODS OF TESTING DAMPERS FOR RATING from SAI Global. ANSI/AMCA D Laboratory Methods of Testing Dampers for Rating The purpose of this standard is to establish uniform laboratory test methods for.

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Mount the damper as shown in Figure 5. The specified airflow conditions are the airflow face velocity when the damper is in the open position and the pressure differential across the damper in the closed position. The zero torque equilibrium tare and the span of the readout system shall be checked before and after each test.

Nozzles shall conform to Figure 7.

The upstream seven diameters may include three elbows 050d the nearest located as far from the damper being tested as possible. Heat shall be introduced into the system at a rate which will 8. The damper shall then be reopened with the appropriate weights, springs, actuators or other opening damper s normally supplied with the damper, applying the opening torque or force. The points shown in Figure 3 are located according to the log-linear rule for round ducts [8] and the log-Tchebycheff rule for rectangular ducts.

Airflow through a damper divided by its face area. The mass per unit volume of air. The damper pressure drop for any given flow is the pressure difference between the plotted lines at that airflow rate.

The percentage of duct area blockage shall be defined as the blockage created by the projected area of all items within the duct dimensions including frame members, stops, blades, etc, as a percentage of the total duct cross-section area. For information on procedures for submitting and handling complaints, write to: One reading per determination of chamber static pressure Ps8 and chamber temperature td8 shall be recorded.


An airflow rate measurement and pressure differential shall be conducted at ambient temperatures between 0? Names, model numbers, serial numbers, scale ranges, and calibration information should be recorded.

Energy factor is the ratio of the total kinetic energy of the flow to the kinetic energy corresponding to the average velocity.

Objective, Observations and Conduct of Test.

AMCA seeking volunteers to serve on AMCA D Review Committee.

If system leakage is measured less than maximum allowed, then actual system leakage becomes allowable system leakage. The damper shall be tested in both directions except backdraft damper. For each test, three readings of ambient dry-bulb temperature tdoambient wet-bulb temperature twoand ambient barometric pressure pb shall be recorded unless the readings are steady in which case only one need be recorded.

Once the damper is opened an external visual inspection through viewing ports, if necessary shall be made on the damper and the degree of opening shall be recorded.

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The damper shall close utilizing the appropriate weights, springs, actuators or other closing dampers normally supplied with the damper, applying the closing torque or force.

The results of an air performance test shall be presented as a statement of the pressure drop Pa in. An airflow rate measurement and pressure differential shall be established and recorded at ambient temperatures between 0?


After closure the differential pressure after equilibrium is achieved shall be recorded. The nozzle discharge coefficient C shall be determined from: Under conditions of the specified airflow, the damper shall completely close and latch automatically when a latch is provided without damage to the damper or its components.

Symbols and Subscripts 4.

AMCA seeking volunteers to serve on AMCA 500-D Review Committee.

If the value is above 2 cfm, the leakage test shall be repeated. The downstream ten diameters may have elbows as required. After three closure cycles the damper shall be reversed and retested with airflow through the damper in the reverse direction.

The unit of time is either the minute minor the second s. The uncertainty of the airflow rate measurement can be reduced by changing to a smaller nozzle or combination of nozzles for amva airflow rates.

Dampers Archives – Modular Framing Systems

After the test system has been set to establish the desired airflow rate through the open damper and pressure differential across the closed damper, the test damper will be opened and the system set to deliver the airflow rate established at ambient conditions.

The temperature at td1 shall be recorded at a maximum of 10 second intervals from the time heat is introduced into the system until the completion of the test. A correction shall be made to adjust the pressure drop measured at test conditions to the pressure drop which would be measured at the same airflow rate with standard air density [1.

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