Lc meletinsky, eleazar sociedades, culturas y hecho literario. A todos ellos deben afiadirse una introducci6n a ia teoria literaria. Now you can watch full. Title, Teoría literaria. Lingüística y teoría literaria. Contributors, Marc Angenot, Jean Bessière, Douwe Wessel Fokkema, Eva Kushner. Publisher, Siglo Veintiuno. Title, Teoria literária: problemas e perspectivas. Volume 51 of Nova enciclopédia. Author, Marc Angenot. Contributor, Edmond Cros. Publisher, Dom Quixote.

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Books by Marc Angenot

Actually, it is rare for us to think of a an isolated class. On the basis of the studies of Rozestratenand transposing them as far as possible to the study of the role of the reader in the literature, we conclude that at least three conditions are necessary in order to produce an adequate reading of a given work i.

This theory is identified by the E-R model i. Literary Cultures of Latin America: In turn, Kaufholdin a study analyzing fact and fiction regarding Poe’s sanity, pointed teofia psychological, biological and sociocultural human angenit such as anxiety, somatization and dissociation, among others, which, being detected in all cultures and in the most different times, although with different names, permit the readers to observe that they are increasingly able to repress instincts, a fact known to anthropolgists and sociologists in their studies of civilizatory processes of adjustment.

We should remember, however, that specific focalizations on the creative process i. The gaps and blanks should be understood as everything that was not said explicitly in the text but was only tacitly suggested.

Considering that the behavior results from this organism-environment interaction, Leite proposed that current psychology should have resources that will explain two forms of behavior that are of direct interest to literature i.

One of them involves the dialectic of protention and retention, two terms borrowed from the phenomenologic theory of Husserl On an interdisciplinary basis, Psychology, as is the case for the perspective of related disciplines such as History, Linguistics, Communication, Social Sciences, Philosophy, Education, and Arts Visual Arts, Music, Theater, Cinemaamong others, in an attempt to establish the degree of relationship between a work of art and what surrounds it in order to provide human enligthenment, permits the extrinsic study of literature i.

The Study of Types.

Teoria Literaria

Within this context, what is the proximity of Psychology, which deals with specificities such as knowing and interpreting human beings and the world, to Literature, which deals with the possibility of imagination freeing itself from rules? With the European romanticism, which attributed to imagination the status of a subjective alternative in order to achieve less pragmatic forms of knowledge, and with the questions raised by Kant, which admitted imagination as the synthesis of human perceptions to which the images that represent them are proposed, a new theory of imagination was established, whereby imagination was proposed as a privileged pathway towards subjective knowledge at the expense of pragmatic knowledge.

In turn, the collection of subjectivities and cultural images of a people is conceived by Durand as a response to the human anguish in the face of the finitude of life i. Since the traditional interpretation intended to elucidate hidden meanings, Iser wanted to see the meaning as the result of an interaction between text and reader, as an effect that is felt by the reader and not as a message that must be found in the text.


The traits are in the person; the types in an external viewpoint. The concretization of the text, in contrast, refers to the product of our own productive activity; it is the realization of the text in the thinking of the reader, achieved by filling out the blanks or openings in order to eliminate what is indeterminate.

In this case, assuming that the creation of characters consists of a fusion of inherited types, observed types and the type represented by the author himself indicates that only the “ego s ” as potential material for literary creation can become complex characters.

Similarly, the readers also respond, in their own way, to what they read, a fact that renders the responses to literature “effects” that determined plots have on the readers. Within this context, based on psychological logic, the study of the behavior described seeks to delineate the character and the registration of the attitudes that human subjects make explicit or leave implied when performing them.

Jung, considering the Freudian concept of “libido” to be a sort of vital internal “energy” for existence, raised the proposal that libido may take two innate directions corresponding to the subjective-objective and internal-external dichotomies that would respectively result in the introversion and extroversion of being.

Anhenot to Iser, it is by filling out the gaps and the blanks of a text that the reader will reach its meaning.

It also presents the detailed schematization of the reading litrraria observed in the textual reception process and in the organism-environment interaction. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. In other words, according to the author, in psychology “there exists only one individual-who perceives and struggles and thinks” i. On this basis, defining a work of art as an expressive form created for our perception through the senses or litdraria imagination expressing human feeling, as litraria by Susan Langeris highly acceptable on the horizon of literary studies.

If we examine the adequacy of psychology to explain these two behaviors, we will clarify the occurrence and concretization of the attempt of the psychologist and the telria writer to present a convincing description of a person and of a character. Any interpretation is simply a way of revealing aspects of a determined teiria, always falling short of its total content. And it is by means of this condition that the interaction of the text with the reader occurs, something quite different from reading the text looking for a hidden message or based on a unique interpretation.

Literature and Psychology, interdisciplinary, perspective. Judging that a coachman whose face we represent in an obscure maner has mustaches is literariaa his face appear with mustaches By connecting the elements of this scheme with one another, we understand that they are valid for a schematic representation of the process of textual reception.

By considering that angeot major work of art always includes a vision of the world that, whether discussed or denied, is an integral part of its meaningDante Moreira Leite seeks to present some questions about literary works angsnot which contemporary psychology has its own perspective, differing from the perspectives of other sciences and of literary criticism itself, such as imitation,suggestion, the peception of shapes, the description of characters, the learning of taste, among others, although without aspiring to the presentation of a general or total solution for its analysis.

Biblioteca Universal Estados Unidos – Contos. The fictional repertory, the textual strategies, the variants of reading, the implcit reader and the gaps of the text are processes that complete the perspective of the text in itself and its reception by the reader, whose space is guaranteed in the studies of his critical successors. Get fast, free shipping angneot Amazon Prime. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Also Leite,p. However, as the experimental confirmation of this concept continued to reach increasingly scientific criteria of verification, being more accepted by scientists, its tendency to identify the same conflicts in all works of art rendered angeenot reductionist and less accepted by writers and art critics.


As plane characters, their role is tied to a specific situation or to a generalized conduct, a characteristic that also distances them from caricature, which involves a unique quality or idea taken to the extreme, so that such distortion purposefully evokes a satire.

litteraria In these works, a faithful reproduction of the mental processes presented is less relevant han the possibility of dramatization offered by the technique used. In his initial work in particular he adopts the term “implcit reader” in order to encompass both functions.

This opinion was shared by the German philosopher Schlegel, teeoria understood imagination as the ability to associate images at the consciousness angenoot, in contrast to fantasy, which appears to operate with images arising from the frontier with the unconscious. This presentation of fundaments for a theory of artistic production, litefaria, deserves a specific discussion, such as that teori by Bordieuwhich is beyond the purposes of the present study. By understanding interdisciplinarity as the proximity established by fields litegaria knowledge with one another in order to exceed the discoursive principles of one field in the intersection with the theoretical perspectives and functioning modes of the other, it can be seen that interdisciplinarity is opportune for the break of the specialized character of the disciplines, a break that can be verified on different levels and in different degrees Pombo, A work of art is characterized by its virtual nature and consists of various overlapping procedures.

According to these authors, the psycholgical study of a writer as an individual and a type, as well as the study of his creative process, is an action of interest for the Psychology of Art, an area of Psychology that describes and explains the psychological experience of a being in the behaviors related to art, either by appreciating, creating and executing it or by interacting with the public and listening to their criticisms.

It is through ptotention and retention that the texts duplicate, moving from the original texts to new works in the presente.


However, according to the author, something new is only valid up to the point it serves to interpret a universal topic of human experience. What is the legitimacy of this process? The fact that the geltaltists, in contrast to the psychoanalysts, have not reserved a place, understood as an energy reservoir, for the unconscious.

In parallel, heredity has been superimposed on previous or temporary experience, causing behavior to be understood as the result of an teiria with the environment. In literary studies, the type is investigated as one of the possibilities of a character to be created. English Teoira a language for shopping.

On this basis, we would have the following scheme:

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