Powersov najpoznatiji roman su “Anubisova vrata”, za koji je godine dobio nagradu Philip K. Dick, a Science Fiction Chronicle Readers Award. Croation – A hardcover edition entitled Anubisova vrata was published in by Mladost, a publisher based in Zagreb. I have been unable to confirm if they are. [phpBB Debug] PHP Notice: in file /includes/ on line preg_replace(): The /e modifier is no longer supported, use preg_replace_callback instead.

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This reissue featured rather odd Tolkeinesque cover art and a specially commissioned introduction by James P. On Stranger Tides The Works of Tim Powers.

Tim Powers

There was certainly a trade paperback reissued released in Nik’s book blog rated it 4 years ago http: More details on this as I have them. Swedish – Anubish Portana has been published at least twice in Sweden. Appointment on Sunset 1. Bry’s Bountiful Book Blog rated it 4 years ago http: German – two editions have been published of Die Tore zu Anubis Reichboth paperbacks.

Gigamesh have, in recent years, twice published editions of Las Puertas De Anubis, in and respectively.

• Pogledaj temu – Anubisova vrata (Anubis Gates)

The book has been published twice by the same publisher, Wydawnictwo Amberboth editions being mass anjbisova paperbacks.

The story is full of surprises, twists and turns and weird ideas. I remember first reading this in the early ‘s and like a few other people, I struggled somewhat with the first two chapter Aki’s B’ook’log rated it 5 years ago http: Hide Me Among the Graves 7.


Please, check your email, the code to access your BookLikes blog was sent to you already. The Skies Discrowned 1.

The Drawing of the Dark 1. The Stress of Her Regard 3. The image above left is the hard cover editon issued by Wiken in The Anubis Gates is a time travel fantasy novel by Tim Powers. However, a physical examination of both books reveals that neither lists a year of publication and both carry the idental ISBN Anibisova making it very difficult to know which is which.

Croation – A hardcover edition entitled Anubisova vrata was published in by Mladost, a publisher based in Zagreb. A mass market edition followed inthough this re-release did not anublsova the introcudction by Gianni Pilo that was printed in the previous edition. Without actually intending it to be any sort of theme, I’ve read a number of time-travel books this year, and enjoyed all of them. Finnish — Anubiksen Portit was published by Kirjayhtyma, Helsinki, Well where do I start.

You are never sure where the author is leading you but its always pleasantly surprising. Books by Igor Kordej. My best guess is that the book pictured above left is the edition and the one on the right, the edition. The Anubis Gates is, to date, Tim Powers’s most popular title and as such has sold around the world and been published in many languages.


Tim Powers – Wikipedija

Books by Predrag Raos Sudar – J. A Time to Cast Away Stones 4. Further details for these editions can be found at the publisher’s web site. These were trade paperback releases. Log in Sign up. Site search Search for: Salvage and Demolition 1. Additionally there anubisoa believed to be a varient of this Roca edition that was produced exclusively for sale in Mexico.

This is a fast-paced and imaginative book that combines quantum mechanics, Egyptian mythology and sorcery, Lord Byron, clown sorcerers, body snatchers, cross dressers, millionaires, doppelgangers called “ka” in the booktime travel and hints of illegal human medical experimentation.

Deliver Us From Evil: Epitaph in Rust anubsova. They were issued inand respectively, the latter above right published to coincide with the author’s visit to the Utopialis convetnion in Nantes, where he was one of that year’s guests of honour. The Anubis Gates was the most recent, and I picked it up not knowing that it was a time-travel story; I simply wanted to read more Tim Powers, as I really liked the othe However, a varient exists, probably a book club edition, with the publisher listed as Bra Spanning.

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