Recommended Practice for Drill. Stem Design and Operating Limits. API RECOMMENDED PRACTICE 7G. SIXTEENTH EDITION, AUGUST EFFECTIVE. API RP 7G (R). Recommended Practice for Drill Stem Design and Operation Limits, Sixteenth Edition, Includes Addendum 1 and 2 (). API RP 7G-2 (R). Recommended Practice for Inspection and Classification of Used Drill Stem Elements, First Edition (Identical Adoption of.

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Particular attention is string becomes shorter and the collar string becomes longer.

In this text, long periods of time full secare: The most effective and efficient drill string design for extended leach and horizontal holes is the lightest weight drill string that can withstand the operating environment Using heavier components or thicker wall tubulm often increases the operating loads without reducing the bending stresses. Silicak, salt, and phosphate may also be present. Comparingtherevolutionsof exposure to theminimum fatigue limitof 39, revolutions a failure.

Reading from the figure for the drill pipe in question Figmthe critical buckling load is about 28, pounds. Shoprepair of cracked drill collars is typically possible if the unaffected area of the drill collar permits. The pH scale is logarithmic; i. Sometimes a onetime extension of upto two years willbe added tothis review cycle.

The information in Table16 f. Friction and drag on the wash pipe cause considerable increases in torque on the tooljoints and drill pipe, and should be considered when pipe is to be usedin this type service. Figures through 32 may be used for determining the most suitable connection tobe used on new drill collars orfor selecting the new connection to be used on collars which havebeen worn down on the outside diameter.


No adjustment is necessary unless the loading condition produces point or wrap contact- If this is the case, we can compute an adjustment factafromtheactualsizeofthetooljointandusethattocompute an equivalent hole curvature to determine the coT28cf bendingstress. If torch cuttingis needed,do it in away that will avoid physiwill develop fatiguecracks that may growuntil completefailcal or metallurgical changesin the area to be examined.

The male section pin is attached to one end of a length of box is attached to the other drill pipe and the female section end Tool joints may be welded to the drill pipe, screwed onto the pipe, or a combination of screwed on and welded.

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Rental components spi subs, drilling jars, vibration dampenem, stabilizers, m e r setc. F i p s 41, 42, 43, and 44, developed by Lubbki, show lateral force curves for both tool joints and drill pipe for three popular pipe sizes. If the radial thrust load is sufficiently high, surface heat dp7g 9. Minimize stress concentrators such as slip marks, tong Various instruments and devices such as pH meters, can be helpful in planning corrective action.

In this regard, there should be sufEcient tong spaceto pr7g be applied to new or recut tool joints after facing to gauge. Derivaton of formulas may be reviewed in Appendix kellys will develop wear pattems that are essentially flat in A.

The syshole drilling equipment tool joints, drill collars, stabilizers tem was accepted by IADC in March and approval by and subs are AISI,, or steels. Apo than 2 hours for light hookloads.

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Ether alb, and if dogleg severity hole curvature is Cold steel stenciling shouldbe avoided on outer surface of tube body. ID, Inspection Class 2.


Dashed curve corresponds to condition when drill pipe contacts the hole betweentool joints, andthen the permissible dogleg severity is greater than indicated. It is also recommended that drill A crack is a single line rupture of the pipe surface.

Case I indicates tongs at 90 degrees and Case II indicates tongs at degrees. A If the hole curvature exceeds the critical curvature that separates point contact from wrap contact, we need to first compute an effectivepipe length in order to calculate the maximum bending stress. Thedifkulty lies in identifying and recording each separate joint fatigue history. If more than one tooljoint is Text continued on page When carbon dioxideandoxygen are both p e n thowever, the corrosion rate is higher than thesum of the pai for each alone.

Consequently, inoperations where fatigue failuresare a of 1inch isrecommended. This process makes thejoint m m flexible andreduces the likelihood of fatigue crachg gp7g this highlystressedarea 3. Then, solve formula l Rp7y 17 for drive section dimensions andstrengths. Section 16 contains a classi3. The process of apu localizedpermanent structural change occurring in a material subjected to conditions that producefluctuating stresses and strains at some point or points and that may culminate in cracks or complete frilcture after a sufiicient numberof fluctuations.

Continued use of the string will requireremoving significant portions of the affected pipe in order to prevent failures. OD Tool Joint m. API standards are published tofacilitate the broad availability ofproven, sound engineering and operatingpractices.

Length of drill collar string, whose buoyant weight is on bit ft.