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AR MILITARY HISTORY: RESPONSIBILITIES, POLICIES AND PROCEDURES. AR MILITARY HISTORY: RESPONSIBILITIES, POLICIES AND. Start studying Military History AR Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. AR Military History: Responsibilities, Policies, and Procedures [US Army] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The United States Army.

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Army historical publications distributed Armywide andcommand historical publications which tend to have a narrower distribution. Cited in paras 5—2a, 6—8b 2 i. Chapter 2Army Historical Program2—1. Analysis should include the effects of funding upon readiness,realistic training, safety, and so forth, if appropriate. The mission of the AHP is to preserve, critically interpret, disseminate, and teachmilitary history; provide historical advice; and stimulate historical mindedness within the Army and throughout thenation.

The executive agent for the End-of-Tour Interview Programis the Chief of Military History, who determines specific interview responsibilities and requirements for the program. Army oral history programs a. Table of Distribution and Allowances TDA A document that prescribes the organizational structure and the personnel and equipment authorization and require-ments of a military unit to perform a specific mission for which there is no appropriate TOE.

This is a critical professional development activity. Visiting professors and scholarsTo stimulate research and writing in military history, both in the Army and the academic community at large, theCenter of Military History sponsors a series of programs for visiting professors and scholars within available resources.

A table of contents is required for all annual histories and follows the preface or foreword. Organizations will furnish standard information as specified inappendix D of this regulation at least twice each year when forwarding oral history materials.

Table of Organization and Equipment TOE A document that 870–5 the official designation, normal mission, organizational structure, and personnel andequipment requirements for a military unit and is the basis for an authorization document.

Users should consult AR —20 as the primary reference concerning Army historical collections, museums, andaccountability of historical artifacts and art. Army history and their curriculumvitae by 1 January each year. The proponent has the au- trol provisions and identifies key manage- within this regulation later takes on thethority to approve exceptions or waivers ment controls that must be evaluated see characteristics of a committee, the propo-to this regulation that are consistent with appendix F.


The earned honors of these color-bearing elements will be indicated by asterisks on their Lineage andHonors Certificates. Organizational alignment will be in accordance with Field Manual FM —22, chapter 2,where applicable. The preservation of objects that are of historical significance to the U.

Has the organization established and maintained a command historical research collection program para 4—9a? At service schools, verify theteaching of military history as part of the programmed curriculum, including battle analyses, historical simulations, andstaff rides, technologically enhanced as appropriate, and are part of professional development programs.

Provide institutional memory through accurate and timely historical information, well-researched studies andanalyses, and historical 807-5 and insight to support the commander and staff in military problem-solving anddecision making.

Annual histories not meeting accepted professional standardsor the requirements of this regulation will be returned for revision and resubmission within 4 months. Access to Army records and historical research collections by official researchers will be in accordance with AR25—55 and AR —5.

The Chief of Military History may select a civilian or military historianfrom 87-05 field commands for a professional development assignment to the Center of Military History for a 1-yearperiod or to the Department of History, U. The Chief of Military History is the proponent for Army historical doctrinal and training publications. See AR25—30, para 1—18 b.

The results of the review, 8700-5 include anevaluation of any required further revisions, will be submitted in a memorandum by the Chief Historian to the Chief ofMilitary History, who has final publication approval 870-55.

Staff relationshipsAs the advisor to the commander on Army historical programs and activities, the historian will have direct access tothe commander. Army organizations conducting oral history programs use several types of interviews.

An example of the format to follow for CommandReports is attached in appendix C. Current and ongoing oral history programs not described above will continue to be executed inaccordance with the provisions of this regulation.

AR 870-5: Military History: Responsibilities, Policies, and Procedures

The reconstituted unit must be in the same geographical area as the previousorganization, as provided in paragraph 5—2h above. Giving equal coverage to both major and minor matters dilutes the importanceof the major ones. Include significant on- and off-post activities, such as community actionprograms, Unit Days, adventure training, and news items in local newspapers.


Final annual histories are as follows: A copy of this form is located at the back of this at. End-of-Tour InterviewsFollowing is table identifies individuals by position title to be interviewed and the organizational responsibility forconducting each end-of-tour interview for those individuals. The Center of Military History may award annually researchfellowships to Army Command civilian or military historians to cover expenses associated with research on projectsdealing with the history of the U.

For EOT interviews, this disposition includes providing the 870-55 commander a copy of the finaltranscript. Maintain liaison with other Army and government historical offices and historians and historical organizations,including travel to centers of historical activity.

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See para 5—4, below. They must have completedall requirements for the Ph. The Unit Day program may also feature such activities as parades, concerts, sports, and other competitiveevents. The AHEC staff, with theassistance of new technologies, makes its substantial bibliographic and reference resources 870–5 to public andprivate researchers and supports military history education throughout the Army.

Digitally preserved documents must be in wr that conform toDOD and Army records management standards AR 25——2. In overseas commands, maintain liaison with counterpart host nationgovernment and military officials. All mittee scoordinate draft publications,Applicability. The role of organizational history a. The panel is chaired by the Chief Historian. ReferencesRequired and related publications and prescribed and referenced forms are listed in appendix A.

Specific functions of this programfollow: Historical support is required at all 8705 of wartime military operations to gather informationand documentation for use in the official history of battles, campaigns, and other deployed operations of the Army.