Since several long passages in the Book of Arda Viraf, on the fate of the soul by the celebrated Parsi traveller Kaiis2, who had come ‘ The Ardai Viraf Nameh. The revelations of Arda Viraz (‘righteous Viraz’), or Viraf, as his name has been The Ardai Viraf Nameh; or, the Revelations of Ardai Viraf. Arda Viraf Nameh: The Original Pahlavi Text [Anonymous] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This work has been selected by scholars as .

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Isaiah does not descend to hell, nor does he give any description of nxmeh infernal regions; he only sees how diabolical powers fight with one another on the firmament, but he does not mention the particular punishment of any crimes and sins C jmmitted on earth. The colophons must, therefore, have been copied, by the writer of this codex, from the original MSS. His farma men kard, chuu ta, Sans, ddesho madi jo vihifah, yaf yuslmdbMh. In all the MSS.

By deciding that a worldly paradise is better than a heavenly one, he avoids a snare set by the sorcererwho was prepared to dis- patch him at once to the heavenly paradise, nameu he considered it preferable, as had been already done in the case of nine hundred of arra Magi, and the nine daughters of Spitama.

Book of Arda Viraf

Here he saw the soul of a pious man sitting, whose fate he now describes. Tchad substituted for ay, XLIX. I also saw the soul of a man, 2 into whose jaws they arrda pour the impurity and menstrual discharge of women, 3 and he ever cooked and ate his own seemly child.

The Glossary to all the texts contained in this volume will be published separately, next year.

virsf The judge who gave false decisions, is sentenced to slay his own child and eat its brains Conversation between Auharmazd and Zaratusht regarding religion, lo. LXvii measures 80 ; adultery on the part of a woman 81 ; abusiveness 82 ; concealing of meat nakeh the husband and eating it 83 ; poisoning 84 ; adultery on the part of a woman 85 ; violation of a next-of-kin marriage, on the part of a woman 86 ; nursing other children and not giving milk to one’s own child 87 ; seduction of the wives of others 88 ; selfishness 89 ; telling lies 90 ; false judgment 91 ; keeping back benefits from mankind 92 wrda inhospitality towards travellers, and charging money for what they use 93 ; emaciating of children by not giving them milk 94 ; leaving one’s own child without milk, and running virad a strange man 95 ; defrauding the earth of the seed which is due to her 96 ; speaking of falsehood 97 ; eating of dead refuse, and killing of a water-otter 98 ; rebellion and revojution Denman tanA maman vanas kard, niAn ruban angun giran padafras yedruned?


L26 which is in the same peculiar handwriting as the Pahlavi portion of Lis contains a colophon on fol.

New York, Parke — via Internet Archive. As it will probably be a very long- time before another edition of the orig-inal text will come out, I thought it advisable to make this edifio adra as correct as possible, by subjecting- the Destur’s MS, to a thorough revision, and making use of all the materials which were available in Europe, but inaccessible to the Destur, He had used live MSS. They travelled by the circuitous land route, through Khambayat, Bhroch, Oklasir and Surat, at all of which places they found the I’arsis very ig- norant of their religious customs.

Den- man ruban-i valmanshan neshmanan man kudak-i nafshman shir hi ye- habund, nizar va tapah kard; 6 va gudftih-i stih rai, shir val kudak-i khadihan yehabund.

ARDĀ WĪRĀZ – Encyclopaedia Iranica

In this version, Viraf’s first vision is that of the dog Zariu- gosh, as given in Pope’s translation p. Short fragments about religious customs, and Zara- tusht’s genealogy, in Persian. Privacy Policy Add Comment. Den- man ruban-i valmanshdn neshmandn mtinslian daslitan la pdhrtkht, 5 va mayd va atash va Spendarmad zanuk va Horvadad va Amero- dad azard, 6 va madam asman va khih’shcd va mcih nikiiid; 7 va stor va guspend pavan dashtan dxard; 8 va zakfiv-yasltarubu riraanu dasht.

I also saw the soul of a man 2 who ever ate the skin and flesh of men.

Koo has Oil for AJi. And he ordered him to write 2 thus: The Frobag fire is there said to have been first established in the dtcsh-gdli on the mountain Gadman-homand in Khvarizem Z. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The number of words which really admit of more than one identification is small, and Pahlavi orthography is quite as fixed as that of modern Persian. These remarks apply, of course, specially to the orthography of Iranian words which, with a few exceptions, are all that the Pazand actually transliterates.

I also saw the souls of those who remained tied, head downwards, by one leg; 2 and a knife was driven into their hearts.


This is evidenced by the fact that there exist several Persian versions of the work in prose as well as in verse, and Gujarati translations to make it accessible to all classes of the Zoroastrian community see p. Turning to the Pahlavi legends on coins’, we find the optional final sparingly used on the coins of the Arab governors of Persia, and the rulers of Tabaristan, shortly after the downfall of the Sasanian dynasty in A.

This third Pazand version commences with a Pazand translitera- tion of the following couplets from the Shahnamah: And when I heard those words, I made a profound bow to the creator Ohrmazd. Arogyan hridayafi te, he Ardda-Gvira-purushah, asmakam Majdaiasnanan dyut, 89 namostu tubhyam; 90 tvamapi tasmat yat drishtamasti satyataya asmaki briihi.

Roman letters are used to represent all Pahlavi numeral signs less than to avoid confusion with the numbers of the sentences. Hoshangji Jamaspji Asa, Haug, Martin, On the other hand, the Pali- lavi final’ is often found in words which never have a Sasanian final 9 t; such as all plural nouns of which nine have been recognized in Sasanian and the following: Whether this hell is identical with that one already described in the preceding chapters, or different from it, does not seem to be very clear.

Lix miracle, the doubts which existed as to the truth of the Zoroastrian reli- gion, were not wholly removed. And afterward, Srosh the pious, and Adar the angel, took hold of my hand, 7 and said thus: An older treatise on Jclnett’idat, which occupies seven folio pages in tlie Din-kard, appears not to mention first cousins, but confines itself to the three nearest relations mothe r, siste r and daiigh- terand defends tlie practice on the grounds of mytliological history and general expediency.

Full text of “The book of Arda Viraf”

Some influences, transmitted through Islam, may have been exerted on the latter, but these remain to be fully demonstrated. The ‘upholders of the religion’ are the students of the Avesta.

Khurdad Yasht in Zand. The tale of G6sht-i Fryano gives the details of the story of the Yoishto yd Fryananam mentioned in the Aban Yasht 81 — 83, and the Fravardin Yasht