Quality Expanded Metal; ASTM F TYPE1 CLASS 1 4FT X 8FT; 1/2 #18 Standard NSN: ASTM F Standard Specification for Metal, Expanded, Steel. ASTM F Standard Specification for Metal, Expanded, Steel. standard by ASTM International, 03/01/ View all product details. Most Recent.

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Could you measure it to see if it conforms to the specification?

For each additional inch add the appropriate weight from table for Bearing Bar Sizes. To measure the strand thickness, the calipers must be flat against the thickness of the bond.

Bridgeport, Atm Tel: Click on a Product to view details. Expanded metal shall be of the following types, classes, grades such as type I-expanded, type II-expanded and flattened, class I-uncoated, class2-hot-dip zinc uncoated, class 3-corrosion resisting steel, grade A and grade B.

Expanded metal shall be made from commercial steel, carbon steel sheets or from stainless steel sheets. Below is an introduction to both specs. Expanded metal shall be manufactured with the corresponding thickness, design size, opening size and strand size. Grate-Lock lets you specify lighter gauge steel for substantial material savings.


ASTM F – 18 Standard Specification for Metal, Expanded, Steel

Measured in per sq. To identify the product, it helps to be familiar with some basic asfm. Special fabrication, cutting or specialty configurations available upon request and special quotation.

Next, weigh the sheet. Finally, the sheet size must also be specified. Standard or raised expanded metal should not be reduced in thickness from the base metal from which it was made. As thicker material is used to produce a given product, the strand width can be reduced to compensate, thereby keeping the weight per square foot the same.


Hundreds of sole-gripping dimples insure a safe surface in all kinds of environments. The deviation in inches from the original plane when the grating is placed under a load. Contact Privacy Statement Terms of Use. Expanded Metal U-Edging 3. On grating products, which are typically load bearing, the f11267 variation is limited to plus or minus 5 percent.

ASTM F Steel Expanded Metal , Steel Finished Product

The minimum and maximum coating thicknesses shall be measured on each of the four exposed surfaces, but not at the corners. What You Need to Know.


Flattened material has been run through a cold mill. Close Meshed Grating 12 Closed Meshed Grating is a pressure locked grating product, produced with close bar spacings to accommodate the requirements for pedestrian comfort and safety.

Example, a pedestrian load, or light equipment load. Flattened Aluminum 7 Aluminum Alloys: Bushwick Metals offers a large variety of ladder rungs for use in different environments and industries.

Two inch cross bar centers are also offered and can be specified with the letter “F”- i. Closed Meshed Grating is available in carbon steel, stainless Steel and Aluminum. Grip Strut grating is commonly used for work platforms, industrial flooring, catwalks, balconies, storage areas, walkways and stair treads.

EMMA is available on-line and can f1276 downloaded at www. They may legitimately differ from the normal, pattern-sized sheets generally stocked and sold by metal service centers.

The values given in parentheses are for information only and may be approximate. This specification covers expanded metal. Standard weights are published per square feet.

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