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Electrical Safety and Emissions Standards This pke-50 meets the following standards. Appendix B contains translated safety statements for installing this equipment. When you see thego to Appendix B for the translated safety statement in your language. Electrical Safety and Emissions Standards Contents Appendix A Technical Specifications How This Guide is Organized This manual contains the following chapters and appendices: Preface Document Conventions This document uses the following conventions to highlight important information: Note Notes provide additional information.

Warning Warnings inform you that performing or omitting a specific action may result in bodily injury. Pow-50 Cautions inform you that performing or omitting a specific action may result in equipment damage or loss of data.

For Sales or You can contact Allied Telesyn for sales or corporate information at our web site: Chapter 1 Product Description This chapter contains the follows sections: Ooe-50 PoE ports allow data and power be transmitted over the same single twisted pair cable without power sourcing consideration or electric rewires. Four out of the eight PoE ports can be fully powered The switch is easy to install and does not require software The power transfer does not interfere with the network traffic.

The power and the network traffic can coexist on the same strands simultaneously. Each port has two LEDs. Ag-fs708 switch uses the table to store the MAC addresses of the network end-nodes connected to the ports, along with the port number on which each address was learned.

They are IEEE Both types of topologies are described below. Power The topology shown in Figure 4 is commonly referred to as a power at-ffs708 topology. Chapter 2 Installation This chapter contains the following sections: If you plan to install the switch in an equipment rack, be sure that the rack is safely secured and that it will not tip over.

Devices in a rack should be installed starting at the bottom, with the heavier devices near the bottom of the rack. Remove all components at-f708 the shipping package.

Note Store the packaging material in a safe location. You must use the original shipping material if you need to return the unit to Allied Telesyn.

Remove all the items from the packaging and store the pooe-50 material in a safe place. In the event a problem occurs and you need to return the unit, please ay-fs708 as much of the original shipping material as possible.


Installation Warning The power cord is used as a disconnection device. To de-energize equipment, disconnect the power cord. Note The switch perform a self-diagnostic test upon power up. Attaching Brackets for Rackmounting Warning The chassis may be heavy and awkward to lift. Pod-50 Telesyn recommends that you get assistance when mounting the chassis in an equipment rack. Mount the switch in the inch rack using the rackmounting screws not providedas shown in Figure 8.

Attaching Brackets for Wall-mounting Warning The chassis may be heavy and awkward to lift. Allied Telesyn recommends that you get assistance when mounting the chassis onto a wall. Position the switch onto the wall with the front of the switch is against Mount the chassis onto the wall using the wallmounting screws not providedas shown in Figure At-fz708 The laser light used by the SFP module is invisible.

Standard safety aat-fs708 e. Installation SFP modules are dust sensitive. Do not remove the dust cover from the port until you are ready to attach the fiber optic cable. The most common source of contaminants in the optical bore is debris picked up on the ferrules of the optical connectors. Use an alcohol swab or wipe to clean the ferrules of the optical connector.

Connect the twisted pair data cables to the RJ ports on the switch, as shown in Figure Installation Connecting to a To connect the fiber optic data cables to the SFP transceiver modules, perform the following procedure: Warning Do not stare into the laser beam.

Connect the fiber optic cable to the SFP transceiver, loe-50 shown in Figure Apply AC power to the switch by plugging the power cord into the AC power connector on the back panel of the unit, as shown in Figure If you are still unable to resolve the problem after following the instructions in this chapter, contact ATI Technical Support for assistance. Figure 16 illustrates the pin layout to an RJ connector and port. This appendix contains multiple-language translations for the safety statements in this guide.

Class 1 Laser product. Do not stare into the laser beam. Electrical Safety Notices Warning: To prevent electric shock, do not remove the cover. No user-serviceable parts inside. This unit contains hazardous voltages and should only be opened by a trained and qualified technician. Check to see if there are any exposed copper strands coming from the installed wire. When this installation is done correctly there should be no exposed copper wire strands extending from the terminal block.

Any exposed wiring can conduct harmful levels of electricity to persons touching the wires. Use dedicated power circuits or power conditioners to supply reliable electrical power to the device. The chassis may be heavy and awkward to lift.


When using your telephone equipment, basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electronic shock, and injury to persons, including the following: Do not use this product near water, for example, near a bathtub, washbowl, kitchen sink, or laundry tub in a wet basement or near a swimming pool. Translated Safety Statements Lasersicherheitshinweise Achtung: Laserprodukt der Klasse 1.

Blicken Sie nicht in den Laserstrahl. Das Chassis kann schwer und schwierig zu heben sein. Allied Telesyn empfiehlt, bei der Rackmontage des Chassis Hilfspersonal heranzuziehen. Sehen Sie nicht direkt auf die Enden der Faseroptikkabel und inspizieren Sie die Kabelenden nicht mit einer optischen Linse. La unidad no contiene po-e50 que pueda reparar el usuario. Allied Telesyn recomienda buscar ayuda para montar el chasis en un rack.


Produit laser de classe 1. Ne pas observer directement le rayon laser. Translated Safety Statements Indicazioni sulla sicurezza laser Avvertenza: Prodotto laser Classe 1. Non fissare il raggio laser. Indicazioni sulla sicurezza elettrica Avvertenza: Per evitare scosse elettriche, non rimuovere la copertura. All’interno non sono presenti componenti utilizzabili dall’utente. Quando si installa l’apparecchiatura, verificare che il collegamento di messa a ar-fs708 FG frame ground sia installato per primo e disinstallato per ultimo.

Verificare che non sporgano fili di rame dai cavi installati.

Allied Telesis AT-FS/POE 8 ports unmanaged PoE Fast Ethernet switch with 1 SFP

Se l’installazione viene effettuata correttamente, non vi sono pe-50 di rame scoperti, sporgenti dal blocco terminale. Translated Safety Statements Avvertenza: Rimuovere tutti gli oggetti di metallo, ad esempio anelli e orologi, prima di installare o estrarre una scheda di linea da un chassis acceso. Utilizzare circuiti di alimentazione o alimentatori dedicati per fornire energia elettrica al dispositivo in modo affidabile.

Page of 69 Go. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Configure epsr ethernet protection switching ring to protect a ring from loops 56 pages.

At series layer 2 fast ethernet switches pages. Allied telesis – gigabit ethernet media converter 68 pages. Alliedware plus version 2. Page 2 Allied Telesyn, Inc.

Document Conventions Preface Document Conventions This document uses the following conventions pow-50 highlight important information: Overview The PoE ports allow data and power be transmitted over the same single twisted pair cable without power sourcing consideration or electric rewires.

Page 12 10 Mbps or Mbps and in half- or full-duplex mode.