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That’s the difference between us. That’s what I’m doing now. However the police catch up with Nandu on the train and shoot at him but Puran gets hit accidentally and dies on the spot. She meets him movif next day to thank him, and Pandu introduces himself as a self-employed person who undertakes any activity for money.

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I’ll be the warmth of fire in the cold How can I beat them just like that? Retrieved from ” https: I can’t give you more than 2 lakhs per acre. Intelligent are doing finance business.


Why do you open the windows?

The film completed a day run in centres and a day run in 63 centres. I can’t count more than that. The gun found there may have his finger prints.

Views Read Edit View history. I would’ve come at your call. Retrieved 31 December Production began on 28 June at Hyderabad. The more you get angry, movke more I love you I’m not trying to confuse you.

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Have the memories of your running away from home come back? They don’t know he’s very complicated boy. That means you are helpless in this matter, right? That’s what the talk is going around. Athasu 27 December Went to bed so soon?

Naidu was the film’s cinematographerand it was edited by Marthand K. Grandson is like a tree, once here always here. Retrieved 21 September Why don’t we get such pastes in our village? They bought the rights of this film before the filming began.

Athadu movie script filetype pdf

We very well know how unhappy you are with the present government. How can we conduct marriages without selling the farmlands? Give it to me. We are bride’s people, athadk to respect the groom’s people. I’m calling from Tanuku Manjeera bank.


However, we felt that it lacked elements like action. I’m here for the last 25 years. Considers herself a princess!

Ali Bhai visits Hyderabad and assassinates Narayana. A Aa Film poster. Is her mother beautiful? He’s the shore to withstand the fury of waves. The shows began from 6: Why will he give his finger prints? Convert file to pdf adobe free Arvada. They made rangolis on his arrival, prepared variety of dishes, and even shouted at us.

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No need to pay me. If you tie there? Our case now stands at this point. I relaxed athasu the first time in life. Convert file from pdf to word, Author: