There is a good pdf download on making Ash ELBs from Alan Blackhams backstreet bowyer site. Some of it will be stuff you know, but there is. common self bow to start with; I’d suggest reading alansq’s Backstreet Bowyer guide: Silves Backstreet. Done. Comment. views. 0 faves. 0 comments. Taken on December 2, All rights reserved.

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Yew is ofcourse the preferable wood to use, I have seen ash used as well I would suggest getting a copy of the bowers bible which tells you anything and everything you need to know about making any kind of bow. EgstonVonBrick 27 February at I was a bit shaken, but rather annoyed with myself for getting cocky and pushing it too hard. Even the archery guys at the local sporting goods bowyfr have remarked “man, that bac,street bow is pretty tough! View my complete profile.

Waterbuffalo horn is pretty cheap and easy to get hold off well it is in the UKfailing that, an Ebony tip overlay would look really cool. Newer Post Older Post Bckstreet. I prefer to avoid the hastle of heat bending if possible. I suspect that unlike the archers of old, we’re all just a bunch of weenies anymore. If you can find an Ash log you will find this more satisfying that timber yard stock.

Any and all comments will be appreciated. Account Register Log in.

white ash build along (finally done( this time for real))

Mon 29 Dec, AP is the largest and most trusted source of independent news and information. I think 50 is a good start for a first bow and a lot less painful is something goes catastrophically wrong. Join us in a conversation about world events, the newsgathering process or whatever aspect of the news universe you find interesting or important.


It’s a shame as it was looking rather handsome and seemed very fast, presumably because it was working so close to the limit.

Please refrain from discriminating based on another user’s style of shooting or choice of bow. Founded inAP has covered all the major news events of the past years, providing high-quality, informed reporting of everything from wars and elections to championship games and royal weddings.

Happy to talk more if you have any other questions Not just my arm either, my whole body hurt after just one shot.

Archery Interchange UK Making a Warbow

Submit a story or question. Good luck with number 2.

Like I said, just conjecture based on very limited experience, but still Anonymous 27 February at Ok, so I have been wanting to make an authentic english longbow for quite some time now, and now I finally have the time and the chance to do it, so, can anyone walk me through the steps that go into making said bow?

Most modern archers are a bunch of weenies. This thread reminds me of the old joke about the tourist driving around Ireland. How do you suggest additions such as splitting a larger blank to achieve a parallel grain blank from a slightly out of line one instead of selecting for a ‘perfect’ smaller one for the purpose. I also ask the wife who annoyingly just points straight to a problem area that my brain had obviously just ignored as it thought it would be to much gip to resolve!

A warbow comes full compass – that is, it bends through the handle at full draw. Couldn’t figure out how to access the ‘comment’ box. Good basic guide to make your own self bows. I’d guess any wood allowed to aclimatise in our climate should settle to a fairly good moisture content quite quickly.


March 28, This makes it far more efficient but much less comfortable to shoot many novices complain of hand-shock. Does anyone know of any diagrams on how to make this bow? I’m now just a cocky impatient old git who has learned when to step back Del PS. The TBB also has a section on board bows and how to select the boards. Sun 04 Jan, 7: Derek 1 March at This will probably be the case in England when everything including breathing becomes illegal and then regulated.

I would also say that if you already shoot then you will know what kind of weight is good for you otherwise go for lower weights at say 50lb as then you backstreett concentrate on technique and learning to shoot rather than working out why your shoulders hurt. The difference is in the performance of the bow.

FGL celebrates hits with Backstreet, Bebe

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I’d taken some nice pics and was going for the full draw picture when it exploded on me. It’s a 55 pound bow and truth be told, it’s about as heavy as I’d want to start with.