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However, there is evidence to the contrary: Also, we neither solicit nor accept donations.

Therefore, I want to execute the same “Mekadesh marriage” contract Rabbi Seth’s son wanted to fraudulently accomplish, and to ask King Herod’s [adopted] sons, here present, to witness this deed. Other material is sourced from various public historical records. And there were about the temple, according to the fifteen Psalms of degrees, fifteen stairs to ascend. The New Testament evangelist called Matthew should not be confused with Jesus’ disciple, later apostle.

Also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judea, unto the city of David, which is called Bethlehem; because he was of the house and lineage of David: At the end of their discussion, Hanna said:.

So the first step is to analyze the past years of relevant human history to determine whether society had persecuted people of the Semitic race.

Joseph Pandar broke the silence by stepping up to Mary, knelt in front of her, took her hand, kissed it, and put it on his head saying:. With the exception of a few fanatics, there is sinecure and acquaintanceship. I find instead that all the other Uralic speakers expanded out of Hungary in the opposite direction, and at a much earlier date” page We are students of an ancient culture founded on knowledge and wisdom.

Badiny Jós Ferenc (Author of Igaz történelmünk vezérfonala Árpádig)

Duna Konyvkiado Vallalat, ; Dr. History provides ample documentation to formulate the assumption that Mary is of Parthian-Scythian descent.

Sacred rituals of power in Medieval and Early Modern Europetrans. In biological development we know of such hidden states, which are followed by the ‘revolutionary’ cycle of evolution.

Second, pragmatic history reveals that such a trip would fail even today if it were attempted in the manner described by Luke. After the descent jod the Holy Spirit, he went into many provinces to preach Christ’s Gospel. As a result, this pseudo-scientific theory was part of the anti-Hungarian cultural policy specifically designed to weaken the national self-consciousness of the Hungarian people by distorting and falsifying their origins and history.


When Badiny mentions these prophecies, he is first of all referring to the jjos cuneiform-written predictions from the Sumerian city, Mari, which mention “a divine visit appearing in human form. Jesus is not a high-priest of the Temple of Jerusalem and, therefore, is barred from any religious leadership role while in Judea. It is self evident that the gospels show the lineage of a certain Joseph but not of Jesus. We can now expand our understanding of the Scythians’ belief by discovering a motive to turn their faces toward the heavens or the sun.

On the contrary, there are more and more links between individual media and centers of power, followed by manipulation of the public.

Many people translate the meaning of this word to Parthian, though, according to students of the Bible, the correct translation from Greek is virgin. Jews consider non-Jews racially inferior and culturally threatening, whereas their neighbors consider Jews aggressive human parasites.

Further, the text says that “Judas is not set apart ‘ for ‘ the holy generation, as the National Geographic badony claims,” DeConick asserted: With the emergence and policies of this new world power, wars are frequent in Canaan, too, including wars among the Jewish tribes that resettle Southern Canaan after their release from Babylon, a region the Romans call Iudaea Province.

Since his function in the town of Magharet included the management of forestry and forest products, the Jews nicknamed him “Magharet naggar,” meaning “carpenter of Magharet.

What is surprising, however, is the degree of penetration such works achieve in some post-communist societies, or rather: To top it off, they demand laws that force the taxpayer to support them and to pay badint their campaigns of deceit and extortion.

If your resolve to seek the truth is weak, you will hesitate when you discover the real Jesus: Judea is the jurisdiction in which Jesus is killed. And what they found was not bedrock but toxic waste. The Jews had no idea who Jesus was, so they could not call him by name. Yet, despite such efforts to rout their history, there is enough literature left on them to fill several university libraries found, now-days, mostly in places beyond the reach of Western powers [e. At the time of Jesus’ birth, baduny Parthian Jod is at its peak and is Rome’s archenemy.


Their hard work, kindness and selflessness, and the moral principles they teach have contributed much to humanity’s welfare. If Jesus calls himself “David’s Lord” in one part of the Psalm, then the part, “You are a priest forever according to the Order of Melchizedek,” also refers to Jesus. He captured the biased political fernc of the international setting in which the historical Hungarian state met its death.

Whatever the circumstances of their deaths, Princess Mary Adiabene-Kharax inherits her parents considerable estate, including their royal palace in Jerusalem where she resides form time nadiny time to look after her estate in and around Jerusalem.

Such is the character of David, culture-hero of Judaism, model of Jewish morality—according to Jewish teachings.

Jós Badiny, Francisco

This is confirmed by archeological and anthropological evidence which shows that thousands of years ago, the Sumerians and other related Near Eastern peoples settled in the vast region of Central Eurasia from the Carpathian basin to the Altai mountains, from the Urals and Siberia to Iran and India L. They begin to identify themselves with the diagram the Sumerians used to relate the Heavenly Trinity of Light to its earthly counterpart, a geometric figure the Jews saw in Babylon and later rename Star of David.

According to the Christian priests’ breviary:. Simon the Canaanite went through Egypt preaching the Gospel, whileas the like was done in Mesopotamia by Thaddeus. Once you touch it, you will never be able to free yourself from its binding power, and Yohanan will be in control of your wealth. This is why theories such as those spread by the same ethnic-Serbian American mentioned above, Dr.

Such physical evidence undercuts any speculation to the contrary. A high level of mental discipline is needed not to be fooled by various biblical writings referencing the Order of Melchizedek. Queen Victoria to the throne of David and of fixing the end of the age in London: Katz and Richard H.

They explicitly emphasize that “he was not a Jew,” but a king of a “people who had their own religion.