FDMA is not vulnerable to the timing problems that TDMA has. Global Systems for Mobile communications (GSM) uses the TDMA technique. TDMA, FDMA, and CDMA TDMA requires a centralized control node, whose primary function is to transmit a .. CDMA: basic principles. Basics of TDMA, FDMA and Uploaded by Manas Das. Copyright: . Chapter 2-GSM System Principles and Call Flow. Uploaded by. Sourabh Ohri.

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Kindly do not let your words be a slur on others: If this is the first time, you are here then I request you to kindly read my Introduction post because I have certain things to say and they are all there: But you made it too easy for me Harish Bathe November 25, at 5: Gomheat January 23, at 4: Thanks for great info.

Do you know that there are readers loving to read your posts everyday? It has no connection, no connotation with the organization I am or I was working for or with any person associated with me.

I choose to follow your writing because they bring me what I want.

This is a digital multiple access system in which the carrier frequencies of the individual users are varied in a pseudo random fashion gs, a wideband channel. All the radios have their own frequency bands and they send their signals at the carefully allocated unique frequencies within the available bands. Thanks a million y8y8y8 2 player games for school kizi games online gogy for free.


The users transmit in rapid succession, one after the other, each using its own time slot. Ajay Kumar June 28, at 9: Mahesh June 2, at 8: Systems operating with channels substantially narrower than the coherence bandwidth are called as Narrow band systems. This is the most commonly used technology for CDMA. Multiple access schemes are used to allow many mobile users to share simultaneously a finite amount of radio spectrum.

Wireless Communication Multiple Access

Abid Jamal October 12, at Thank you so so much for picking up the mistake: WildPeace November 2, at 8: Depending on how the available bandwidth is allocated to the users, these techniques can be classified as narrowband and wideband systems. So please write and post more.

Thank u so so so much guys: Have tried to explain the above technologies via a diagram which is below: The system gets a call, it allocates a unique code to that particular conversation, now the data is split into small fema and is tagged with the unique code given to the conversation of which they are part of. The features of TDMA include the following.

I guess, one of the most basic questions which goes in our mind regarding telecom is what is the difference between the technologies which people generally talks about? Unknown March 17, at 6: I found many interesting things here. And I see your articles.

Wireless Communication – Multiple Access

The fdma first digitizes the calls, and then combines those conversations into a unified digital stream on a single radio channel. I will try to put it in a very simple way J. Also, I assure you that before writing anything here I will get the same checked with some experienced people, I will do a research again and then only, I will gssm the same on my blog so you can trust me.


I will be the first one to read them. The system then at the end reassembles the conversation from the coded bits and deliver it J Does it make sense? Single frequency is used for multiple calls.

In the above diagram, you fma observe: We think its too technical and stop ourselves from getting into it! Guys believe me, understanding the difference between these technologies is just not difficult!

I love to get corrected and so, plz do not think a bit before commenting on anything you think I have mentioned is wrong.

Learn about basics – Telecom and Smartcities: Difference between FDMA, CDMA and TDMA

To understand this technology better, just imagine how FM radio works. Penned down by Fsm Singh at 5: I wander on the internet to find something new or unique. Its not that this technology is not capable of carrying digital information, but just that it is not considered to be an efficient method for digital transmission. All the posts on this blog are based on my personal learning, opinion and views.

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