We’ve had several occasions where someone in our group plays the beastmen raiders warband and had this question come up. I’d like to see. This is my first post in ModelBrush, but not the last. Now I have more time to devote to my hobbies and therefore I have started to resume some. What are the maxstats for Beastmen raiders? I use the Empires in Flames rules and can’t seem to find them.

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Search Query Display results as: Ungor Raiders have been tasked with seeking out enemies for the warherds to prey upon. Tue 11 Feb – You cannot reply to topics in this forum. Password Please enter beastmej password for your user account. Witnessing friendly expendable units rout does not reduce other units’ leadership, unless they are themselves expendable.

Monks BTB Achievements earned: Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. Great weapon is a bad idea, imo.

Ungor Raiders

Thanks for the input. Lord 0 Venerable Ancient Posts: Sat 15 Feb – 1: The starter warband has nine figures, including 5 heroes and 4 henchmen. And is this really true?! Although diminutive by Beastmen standards, Ungors are both faster bdastmen more nimble than others of their kind. I use the Empires in Flames rules and can’t seem to find them. Views View Edit Edit source History. Armor is so piss poor in this game that I’m aware that I’m mostly throwing money away at this point on armor This site is a part of Curse, Inc.


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I’d guess that general Beastmen max stats are based on the ones from the Possessed list, in which case four wounds is two above their starting wounds, similar to most other things’ max wounds. Finally, my brother beasten I have collected several old Mordheim boxes with plenty of miniatures!

All-in-all, these scrawny bowmen beastmej little to support the rest of the herd. As the Beastmen’s only ranged infantry, the Ungor Raiders have a hard time meshing with the overall strengths of the faction.

Beastmen Raiders Mordheim Warband

Now I have more time to devote to my hobbies and therefore I have started to resume some forgotten wargames, such as Battlefleet gothic raidera Mordheim. I need to bring this up again, since there’s a mistake – the max stats on Mordheimer are not correct, if the Rules Review is the correct one; Beastmen raidwrs a max of 4 Wounds, not 5.

Berlin Personal Info Primary Warband played: Note that passwords are case-sensitive.

Retrieved from ” https: The maximum number of heroes beeastmen the beginning of the campaign is mandatory, in my opinion. For my ambition to infinitely ascend above all is never ending, like fire within it burns me to ever cindering ash. Lord of light and ascension is who I am, realities burn to ash at my very passing.


Aipha Venerable Ancient Posts: The Rules Review is the most up-to-date source, so you should use those for the max stats – which means that Beastmen do have a max of 4 wounds in the Beastmen warband, despite starting with only one wound unlike the Possessed Beastmen.

Intelligence provided by Ungor Raiders enables the warherds to encircle and trap the foe, to launch ambushes from riders paths and moss-choked vales, and to cut off the escape routes of those that believe there is still a route to safety. Ungors can’t become heroes.

Although at the begining I will use only 9 miniatures, I have already prepared some extra beashmen. Glad to have been useful. Denmark Personal Info Primary Warband played: Permissions in this forum: Fri 14 Feb – 7: I tried that and it was a mess, always last to attack means that a couple of human warriors with halberds can ruin your day.

Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below. Originally Posted by Lux View Post. If you compare them to an Orc warband, who I’d say were the closest, they start at higher Movement, Strength and Initiative, along with an extra Hero with even more movement – less Leadership, but that’s it.