Download the Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition Manual, Amn Survival Guide · Download the Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition Manual, Mastering Melee &. The entire English version of the Baldur’s Gate 2 expansion manual, plus the An A-Z guide to romances in Baldur’s Gate 2: SoA (without ToB installed). the first game and are described in this manual. How Baldur’s Gate Uses .. the end of the game! Note: You will be able to surpass this cap in Baldur’s Gate 2.

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You maystill be able to see the enemy, but this will be because of your other party members, who are closer. All times are GMT Fighter types will love the two awesome effects of the weapon – a possibility to stun, and maybe 10 more damage.

Fortunately, someone else has beaten me to it at gamefaqs, so you should check out their work instead! This is immensely useful, as you want every possible modifier helping you to hit an enemy. So in one week, you are actually going to earn 1.

For someone who wants the general experience of a thief, this is the best choice.

Baldur’s Gate II Throne Of Bhaal [Manual]

Toss a Special Trap and watch the fighting force get cut into a smaller chunk. Why would this even be a necessity? When you factor this into the average damage, then it is only. Spell failed no actual damage.

Especially if you are paying attention to the message manuxl in the bottom of the screen and you see something like “Mage – Finger of Death: There are only two tricky battles, one in Rayic Gethras’s home, the other when you take down the entirety of Mae’Var’s guildhall. Backstab Analysis [A50] So what if you really want to know the best way to squeeze every iota of efficiency out of backstabbing?


Also because they have the tendency to cast True Sight when you’re in range, and you won’t have Non-detection as early as you would like. Saving Throw Tables [A30] I really hate guides that have a section “under construction. The Assassin, by contrast, has no such bonus to their Hide manjal Shadows or Move Silently abilities, so has to focus more on them.

Anyway, the Clay is the best.

It generally translates to an extra die of HP. Encloses target in Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere if Save vs. Lasts 10 seconds and causes max damage to be inflicted with weapons. First floor of Watcher’s Keep, off the thief statue. Doorjambs also are great; there is generally a sweetspot where you can stand beyond the door where enemies can’t see you from a certain angle.

Find More Posts by Hayashi. Can only wear up to Studded Leather Armor and Bucklers. This is almost a backstabber’s wet dream. Plus, they might accidentally head to your party members who are waiting a bit back from where you came.

This makes your thief a bit more durable in combat, useful if he messed up setting a trap or missed a backstab.

Golem Manual

That’s the Pre-Throne of Bhaal level cap divided by the three classes that’ll be splitting the experience. I think it gb2 the best tribute I can make to the men and women who labored so long to give us such a fine product.

Since you probably only want to use a few weapons, stay a fighter long enough to max out potential HP and get specialized in those weapons. Level 1 Special Trap: Note that for space-saving purposes, I’ll use scientific notation when necessary to denote experience points. Very useful since you will occasionally find yourself surrounded, nearly dead, or in some awkward social situation you wish. Suddenly, all their spells have no targets, so they dissipate harmlessly.

Thanks Skidi Wili and Gegengheist. SoA, this is the best weapon backstabbers can own. Death to 6 total damage over 6 seconds. This guide was made as comprehensive as possible. I mentioned before that it’s perhaps even better to dual-class over multi-class, since you can either start off with a Fighter set and get the proficiencies you want then switch over, or start off with a Thief set and get the abilities you want then switch over.


If you’re unfamiliar, something like 1. A great supplementary weapon for interesting backstab possibilities. You can upgrade it quite quickly, though, as the magic store in the City Under Siege tm sells Protection from Normal Weapons and you probably already have 40, Toob on hand. You get the Mwnual quite late in SoA, in Suldanessellar to be exact. Then, move back in, backstab the enemy, and manusl again outside of the enemy range while your party members keep them from following.

Maual its lower damage, this may actually gb2 the Short Sword of Mask.

ToB there are far more difficult traps, so you do want to get disarming and lockpicking up to a decent level. Can only be Chaotic Neutral or Evil alignment.

Baldur’s Gate II: Throne of Bhaal Thief Guide for PC by – GameFAQs

You can find the Liquid Mercury to upgrade it in Sendai’s Lair. I had only heard brief mention of a Paladin solo, but seen no actual reports.

Kill him quickly and you can get some invisibility potions. Sure, you can use thieving abilities, bg you’ll actually have LESS theiving points to use than the highly crippled Assassin.

This results in somewhat comic amusement as your characters walk up to an empty battle field, wait, have Irenicus reappear when Maze ends no longer casting his scripted spelland wait awkwardly for a minute before scripting reactivates tb he goes directly into dialogue completely skipping all spell effects. However, consider that a normal thief will obtain 5x backstab equivalent to 5 attacks