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Such a devotee never harbours any feeling of deceit, falsehood or ill deeds.

Account Options Sign in. Report this product Report this app to Microsoft Thanks for reporting stesk concern. But this can only be realised after becoming bereft of all lusts and worldly desires and raising the soul to a higher realm. Tireeaa Tiaag Sout Jaat Ban Khand BikhaiSout Kee Surati Grih Aai Soukh Paavaee Just kabt a labour woman leaves her child home under compulsion and goes to the jungle to pick up firewood, but keeps the memory of her child in the mind and finds comfort bhxi returning home;2: He practices it in the holy congregation very devotedly; 7 7 ‘ ‘ 2: His teachings are also for ever.

One can add the shabad search results in favorites and can tag them. Paramadabhout Brahamaasan Singhaasan MaiSobhaa Sabhaa Mandal Akhandal Bilaas Hai And with the residing of the consciousness in the highest spiritual seat the tenth orificeone enjoys the strange and magnificent glory of all the spiritual planes.

When his light merges with light eternal, he too bhsi the form of light divine. If any mistake found plz send me message to correct it.


Religious Books – Jeevan Prasang Sahib Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Wholesale Trader from Amritsar

Millions of worldly beauties go into trance over the beauty of the feet of True Guru. Millions of calmnesss seek His refuge and are amazed.

He is blessed with the Naam by the True-Guru which is the source of desirelessness. Then gurdxs can fathom the greatness of a congregation of such glorious Sikhs? Such a person with renounced and detached inclination is rare to come by.

The ecstatic fragrance that they enjoy is not available in any other form of fragrances. Jaisay Ravi Sasi Siv Sakat Soubhaav GatiSanjogee Biaogee Drisataatu Kai Dikhaavaee 13 4 Just as the effect of Sun is undesirable Tamoguni while the moon has virtuous effect, similarly a Guru-conscious gkrdas behaves peacefully and virtuously while a self willed and apostate person caught in the evil effects of mammon is conspicuous. Despite coming out of the same ocean, the goodness of nectar and harm of poison is not the same.

It is imperishable and celestial. One craves for nothing more and observes no rituals.

Kabit Bhai Gurdas (Punjabi) – Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh Ji

The application also provides “Live Kirtan” from a variety of online content channel provider. Suri Nar Naad Mouni Tribhavan Au TrikaalaLog Bayd Giaan Ounamaan Jayn Kayn Hai Millions of gods, humans, sages, master yogis, all the three worlds, the three times, wondrous knowledge of Vedas and many such estimates beg for the holy dust of the feet of such a tseek of the Guru.

He is such a vast storehouse of praise and coffer of grandeur that no one else can reach it. The sentiment of loving worship destroys the duality from the mind. To rate and review, ui in. Similarly good and evil persons may look alike outwardly but their good and bad characteristics can be known by keeping their com” 15 8 4: Such Sikhs are ever motivated to meditate more and kabti on the Lord’s name.


But base wisdom emanates foul smell from the mouth as a result of ill and bad words spoken. It is not believed to exist in heavens, nether regions nor in the worldly regions. It is just like a drunkard who is considered crazy by the world.

Pasooaa Maanoukh Dayh Antari Antaru IhaiSabad Surati Ko Bibayk Abibayk Hai The only difference in human and animal body is gurddas a human is aware of the union of consciousness and the holy word of the Guru but animal has no such knowledge nor any ability.

It supports fuzzy search and is tolerant to spelling mistakes. How can one discern what happens to the soul when it leaves the body?

Gurbani Pothi

Bidaavantay Baid Roop Jaachik Daataar GatiGaahakai Biaapaaree Hoi Maat Pitaa Poot Kau Gursikhs with contemplated knowledge extend all help to the needy as an act of welfare, just as a medicine practitioner does for a patient, a donor does for a beggar, a trader for a customer and parents for their son. He feels the touch of water and fire alike. All four varnas caste based sections of the society then integrate into one caste society.