Bhavat Bhavam. There is an interesting concept in Vedic astrology that can help us to understand the nature of the houses, called bhavat bhavam. It means. BHAVAT – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Vedicastrology. Basically the bhavat bhavam, sharing similar indications, lends support to the house in question. For instance, 5th house signifying inclination of mind (intellect) .

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For instance, 5th house signifying inclination of mind intellect indicates deep and wise learning. Mars and Venus are natural neutrals to each other. Sir what do you see in bhavatbhavam house planet bhaavt, aspect and house lord placement? Along with the sun, they form the natural trio who are necessary to manage and lead worldly affairs.

Bhavat Bhavam * BP Lama Jyotisha

The 1st house is bhavat bhavam for the 7th house 7th from 7th. Bhava Bhavam Relationship 1 1 2 3 3 5 4 7 5 9 6 11 7 1 8 3 9 5 10 7 11 9 12 11 Table 1: Healing Power of Gems and Mantras. The 1st and 10th are angular Vishnu bhavas which are very important activity houses. I am always impressed by the details vedic astrology can churn out. In this case, Jupiter rules the lagna and Sun re-enforces that lagna. Saturn is a natural neutral to Mercury.

In any case Divisional Charts are expanded view of a particular Bhava and gives info of that Bhava only.

Bhavat-Bhavam applied to lagnas and dasas Before we jump into further exploration of the bhavat-bhavam concept, I want to bring the readers attention to another concept as described below: There are no Yogas, aspects, Bhavath Bhava etc. Mercury is a natural friend of Venus. How would we analyse the 11th from the 11th. From table 1 of section 1, the 7th bhava gives the results of the 1st bhava.

For predictions, please read ‘Contact Me’ page. So Venus gets double point of focus for Capricorn ascendant. While Ernst did not explain what thought gave rise to this idea, I was pretty taken aback by the sheer simplicity of this technique.


These two planets have a special relationship as Saturn is the child of the Sun. Yogakaraka is the planet that gives king-like status for these lagnas when he is placed in an angle or trine.

Secrets of bhavat-bhavam

The 4 th is third from the 2 nd house. Jupiter helps Leo, which is ruled by the sun. This just goes to show the importance of these houses cannot be overstated. But observe the table 2, you will see how important Venus is for the Capricorn ascendant.

His biography states that in he adopted the vanaprastha retired life; thus retiring from home and family in order to devote bhavay time to his studies.

Secrets of bhavat-bhavam – Vidyavaridhi Jyothish

Application As in all astrology techniques, it is no fun if it is not revealed where and when to use it. Disenfranchised 6 laborers servants, employees create a product but they are not directly involved in creating business profits.

A long-standing tradition in India has been that on retirement bhaavat of worldly duties one adopts the life of a sannyasin or spiritual aspirant. If bhavat-bhavam works for predicting future bhavas, does that mean a bhoota-bhavam exists to study the past life of a person from a given bhava in question? Furthermore, only four lagnas Aries, Capricorn, Leo and Sagittarius are being helped by natural friends and auspicious planets for those lagnas. They rule the natural apoklimas, opposite houses from each other while help the natural panapara lagnas.

Both dasa periods are shown in the above chart.

Vimshottari dasha periods of bandesha-4 typically indicate graduation from school, obtainment of a house or vehicle, burials, and other types of completion including Lightbody Lift-off.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Sun is a natural friend to Mercury. It shows your half baked approach to subject. Relationship of the planet helping the lagna with respect bhavvam the rasi lord according to BPHS bhava lordship concept.


Recently, my teacher Ernst Wilhelm revealed in one of his video lectures, a simple little technique to use in dasas: Venus will do that for them. Jupiter and Saturn are natural neutrals to each other. Bhavat Bhavam from house to house Bhavat bhavam applies to the house that is the same counted from a particular house in respect to lagna.

What doesn’t kill you 6 will make you stronger If you look at table 2, you will see a lot of interesting things emerge apart from the concept of bhavat-bhavam. Deepak was a successful endocrinologist who had a major shift in his career when he resigned from his position at the New England Memorial Hospital and became the founding president of the American Association of Ayurvedic Medicine bhxvat the auspices of the TM movement Even in the naisargika bala calculation, Mars and Venus form bhafam pair.

We know that for Leo and Cancer lagnas, Mars is the yogakaraka planet. I have treated Mars as auspicious planet for Aries, even though he rules the 8 th house for simplicity purposes. Similarly, for Capricorn and Aquarius lagnas, Venus is the yogakaraka planet. Basically the bhavat bhavam, sharing similar indications, lends support to the house in question. I like to study this area and research. Like in all vedic Jyothish techniques make sure to check with several systems before you make any predictions.

This means that a planet that is not a natural friend or auspicious planet for that lagna may not readily help find the destiny for that particular lagna. Ruby – The Sun Gem.

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