BHEL Haridwar block 2 heavy fabrication, training report Summer Training Project Report on EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION OF BHEL EMPLOYEES. This project report has been made as a part of the industrial training the least; I would like to thank all the staff members of B.H.E.L. Block-4, Ranipur, Haridwar. Training Report on Manufacturing of Turbo Generator at BHEL Haridwar .. BLOCK-4 CIM (Coil & Insulation Manufacturing) & ACG (Apparatus control Gear) v. .. undertaken summer training in Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Haridwar.

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Cast Iron CI Foundry 2. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Why do taining call it bar: Bay 1 and 2: Principal behind this that PMG is mounted on the common shaft which generate electricity and that id fed too yoke of main exciter Fig.

Total weight of summeer generator: The bearings are provided with suitable temperature element due to monitor bearing metal temperature in operation. This test is exclusively conducted to test the health lines of insulation of winding 2. The service division includes a network of regional offices throughout India. The stator slots are provided with platinum resistance thermometer to record and watch the temperature of stator core and summed region and between the coil sides of machine in operation.

This depends on the type of exciter viz.

Impregnation and baking a Thermoreactive system In case of rich resin insulation the bar is pressed in trraining box in heated condition and baked under pressure and temperature as per requirement for a given period. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system.


Vinod Bharadwaj and Mrs. To ensure that a high quality product is obtained, strength of material analysis and ultrasonic are performed during the manufacturing rotor. Component fabrication plant Rudrapur. This supply is given to exciter field. The rotor houses the field winding. To determine core leakage reactance Xc. Insulating paper pressboards are also put between the layer of stamping to provide additional insulation and trainlng localize short circuit.

Then bar is taken out and pressed in closed box fixture and then baked at given temperature for given duration. These spacers from ventilating ducts where the cold hydrogen from gas coolers enter the core radially inwards there by taking away the heat generated due to eddy current losses.

Italy Super rapid gun mount. Insulation The bar is insulated with the given number of layers to build the wall thickness of insulation subjected to the generating voltage of the machine. Two individual conductors placed-one over the other are bent to obtain half turns. Turbo generator requires water cooling arrangement over and above the usual hydrogen cooling arrangement.

Skip to main content. These include high voltage power and distribution transformers, instrument transformers, dry type transformers, SF6 switchgear, capacitors, and insulators etc. L-shaped strip of laminated epoxy glass fiber with nomex filter are used for slot insulation. Between two packets one layer of ventilating segments is provided.

Consistent performance in a highly competitive environment enabled BHEL attain the coveted ‘Maharatna’ status in Each lamination made of number of individual segments. Wotan CNC horizontal boring machining. The rotor is designed for radial ventilation by stem.

Retaining rings are made u of non-magnetic high strength steeling order to reduce the stray losses. Each slots accommodated two bjel. Loyalty and pride in the company. THFF Nhel terms are: The length of the resistance thermometer depends upon the length of armature.


Retrieved 29 September The end stator is packets and core clamping and is intensively cooled by through special ventilation system. This is done to ensure that no local current is flowing due to short circuit between conductors. It is also as electromagnet and to give it necessary magnetic strength, the winding must carry a very high current. Auth with social network: Electrics for Rolling Stock xi. Hlock this collaboration agreement BHEL has established strong design manufacturing and servicing base for units up to MW ratings.


In order to make room for large conductor, body and this would cause mechanical weakness. Insulation is removed from both ends of the conductor cut. The core design to permit the flow of earth fault current of at least 15A for 1 second without major any core damage. Insulator and bushingCeramic liners. Design of special ventilation is to ensure almost uniform temperature of rotor windings stator core.

INDUSTRIAL TRAINING AT BHEL, HARIDWAR – ppt video online download

The current flowing through the conductor is uniformly distributed over the entire bar cross section reduced. The blades of fan have threaded roots for screwed into the rotor shaft.

At their ends, the slots wedges are short circuited through the rotor body. Diesel Generating Sets v. It supports the laminated core buel winding the stator comprises an inner frame and outer frame. Vacuum pressed impregnated mica elastic high voltage insulation:

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