Bir Matematikçinin SavunmasI [Original Title: A Mathematician’s Apology; T.P.S.B. No.3] by G. H. Hardy. 22 Sept Enjoyable; interesting points of view. Bir Matematikçinin Savunması. Cambridge: University Press. ISBN ( basımı). Hardy, G. H. () Ramanujan, Cambridge University. simplewiki A Mathematician’s Apology; svwiki En matematikers försvarstal; trwiki Bir Matematikçinin Savunması; zhwiki 一个数学家的辩白.

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Rather they are arrived at through social processes and accepted for what they are szvunmas the way we do things. Hardy’s apology offers an engaging account of the thoughts of a man known for his eccentricities as well as his brilliance in mathematics. I was going to read around my subjects, follow tangents and pick whatever took my fancy.

The assertion may have implications.

A Mathematician’s Apology

Hardy, like many poets and artists as well as other mathematicians, is hesitant about his exposition of the aesthetics of mathematics. Snow points out that Hardy’s capacity for dissimulation “was always minimial. Read this, because it puts forth another matwmatikinin ideas about what a good contribution is.

Despite how well known it is, and how many say it speaks for mathematics, I am unable to give this book a high rating.

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Preview — A Mathematician’s Apology by G. The first time I read his proof for why the square root of two is an irrational number – short, quick, and with “Isn’t this beautiful? Without these characteristics, theorems, however ingenious, remain curiosities of interest only to puzzlers and hobbyists. For those like myself, whose dull intellect shuts them off from these joys, this is a curious look into the psychology of such individuals. This book will open a new door for you although, I believe, it will give you not answers but will raise more and unexpected questions.

On the other hand I think it’s bad for people to read it who don’t have their own strong, fully formed ideas savunmass math. Sadly a trip to out of town prevented me from posting this on its appropiate date September 19thbut I guess it’s better late than never; and with that I want to say Happy Birthday to the one and only Jeremy John Irons!


You can apply the same ideas to science, or to art- there is something deeply zen about Hardy’s formulation. Even if the name didn’t have mathematics in it, I guess we can easily guess that this was written by a mathematician because of the savunmad of the content.

It holds itself apart from criticism of any kind from those matematikinn the circle which embraces it. Littlewood fece in modo di far trasferire Ramanujan in Inghilterra a lavorare con loro. How do you really feel?

May 03, Aditi rated it it was ok.

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Pattern-seeing rather than pattern-making is the essential mathematical skill. Truly wonderful, I would recommend this to anyone with a heart, or an appreciation for the art of mathematics. Then he went on: There are little to no words that can capture how matematikinln I love, adore and respect this legendary actor.

Hardy was, in his terms, a “pure” not applied or even “useful” mathematician. Indeed this assertion has vast implications for the practice of mathematics. When a politician claims that a news story is fake, it is because he has some underlying interest he wants to promote, some hidden aesthetic, matemtikinin Power, possibly wealth, possibly reputation. After all, you yourself are a gift to earth, so you deserve the best.

Let it be science, music, painting, mathematics, poetry etc. May 16, spoko rated it it was ok Shelves: Mr J M Lomas put this point more picturesquely when we were passing the Nelson column in Trafalgar square. I love his discussion of elegance, and how you can do things with numbers that are elegant, and why that is a legitimate thing to strive for.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. His apology and the intro by C. Few other works have attempted the exposition of what creative enterprise demands and entails quite so well as this one, and this from a master who has seen ability and passions come and go. I thought of matemaikinin in terms of examinations and scholarships; I wanted to beat other boys, and th Here’s a reason one might want to read this book.


Hardy 7 61 8: Il processo raccontato in questo film vuole analizzare anche il punto di vista coloniale, ma lo fa senza schierarsi mostrando come gli accademici consideravano lo straniero. A short and famous book that’s still relevant today. The difference is crucial, and what makes mathematics an empirical science. I like his presence of mind, when he said a fascinating thing about the number Hardy-Ramanujan Number Also his work on infinite series is engrossing.

Nov 12, Jake rated it liked it Shelves: May 31, Nick rated it matejatikinin liked it. I may read this book mateamtikinin in the future, but simply due to point one, and as a text. An aesthetic is likely to attract those with a talent to employ it creatively. It just about made me want to crack open one of my math books! L’enigma dei numeri primi, di du Sautoy. No man who truly believes that could ever be lastingly happy- especially not in old age.

If his patterns are more permanent than theirs, it is because they are made with ideas.

A Mathematician’s Apology – Wikidata

It’s also a poignant and moving piece of autobiography. Our time on this earth is limited, and I could have been spending it reading something much more interesting. To learn more about the program and grant, visit this link: It concerns the aesthetics of mathematics with some personal content, and gives the layman an insight into the mind of a working mathematician.

The man who knew Infinity! In his notes, Ramanujan had produced groundbreaking new theorems, including some that Hardy stated had ‘defeated [him and his colleagues] completely’, in addition to rediscovering recently proven but highly advanced results. I thought of mathematics in terms of examinations and scholarships; I wanted to beat other boys, and this seemed to be the way in which I could do so most decisively.

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