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Bizagi video tutorials

Click Add to include four new attributes and give them names. Click the Model data icon to move into the step two or click the Next arrow to the right:.

Will not interact in the process. Right-click Analyze and resolve and then click Properties. Switch to the Business key tab, and check the Enable business keys checkbox. If you want to review this ready-to-use process, or others, visit the Bizagi Process Xchange. A difference this time, is that you don’t need to define a new role. You need to define to which users these apply, and exactly how. For this step, you can opt to add comments for documentation or for the incident’s post mortem review.

The submitted ticket has been numbered as case 1, and it is currently assigned to user U You return to the process diagram view for the forms. Business keys prevent you from adding duplicate values, implement use of indexes for best performance, enforce exchanging information with other systems while using security by obscurity rutorial ensuring the correct logical record is addressed.

Bizagi Maintenance

When a new ticket arrives, a help desk agent sends suggested steps to resolve the ticket by completing Analyze and resolve. Shapes that have not been yet configured display an alert icon in their upper right corner:.


Switch yutorial the Controls tab, expand Containers and double-click Group and add a new group. You can see how a case has been handled in a business representation of the Help desk process an example of an instance that took the sequence of activities as shown above. Bizagi includes a heuristic in its assignment algorithms.

You configure parameter entities in the Expert view. This action modifies your current form to look the same as the one you defined for Analyze and resolve. Use the Add Severity button to tktorial a new value.

Click the Advanced tab, and for this tutorial set:. As a final bizwgi, define the estimated time for completion of each of the three Activities.

You may need to expand the item representing the HelpDesk entity. From there, click the Process Diagram icon to see the graphical rutorial of this case’s state. No results are displayed, because case security, which you configured through Bizagi Studio, is working effectively not allowing an bizqgi user to view details of a case not assigned to that user. For this tutorial, it means depicting and interconnecting the following logical steps as used by the Help Desk example: The assignment algorithm evaluates that the same user U02 should work on this case since they have worked on it before, so user U02 has priority over user U03 even though both users have bizaig Service agent role that meets the assignment condition.


Add details in the Basic Information tab, for the first user.

Though you see a notice that there are no further activities expected from this user, use the search box to browse for this you just worked on. We suggest you name this Activity Analyze and resolve:. Set the condition to evaluate the user’s role, but this time define a new role called ” Requester”. This way, you are enforcing security parameters so that, for instance, really large files or any file types buzagi than the ones bizago such as potentially harmful ones aren’t permitted.

Add another Activity after Analyze and resolveusing the Pie menu the same way as before.

Select Default Assignation users from the drop-down list and click OK. Notice that Report ticket no longer displays an alert because its user interface has been configured. Add a Gateway starting from Confirm resolution by using the Pie menu. From the presented drop-down list, select is equal to. Switch to the User configuration tab, and assign the role for this user.