The is a fully programmable triple Output DC Power Supply delivering 0- 30V/A For example: BK PRECISION, , ,V Do not operate the instrument in ways not specified by this manual or by B&K Precision. Failure to comply with these precautions or with warnings elsewhere in . The is a fully programmable triple output DC Power Supply delivering. 0- 30V/A on 2 outputs and V/A on 1 output. Each output is fully floating and.

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Level Sensors – Controls.

Got it, continue to print. To disable the system wait time function, set the wait time to 0 seconds. Model Fuse Description Fuse 3. AMPLitude] This command sets the current value of the power supply. Use these tools to define each test step and add new test steps.

This parameter determines which bit of the quest event register is set to 1. This command reads the actual output current of the power supply. Test Sequence Generation 6. AMPLitude] This command sets the max. PV Software Guide 6.

This command reads the calibration information. DC Power Supply Output voltage: To Rack Mount The Instrument 7. Each output is fully floating and outputs can be adjusted independently or connected in series or parallel to produce higher voltages or currents.


BK Precision Triple Output Programmable DC Power Supply

The return value contains 4 segments divided by a comma. The test program generates a pass fail verdict and an optional test report. Voltage chart Voltage and current displayed for all 3 channels Set the voltage value Precisoin operation mode: Page 21 Connection diagram example: Scpi Command Overview 5.

Page 29 The Structure of the condition register is as followed: Time 1 Precisiin mode: After this command executed, the operation condition is reset. Pv Software Guide 6.

Front-panel Operation So far we have covered the quick start chapter which briefly introduced the front panel operation precisuon how to check basic voltage and current functionality.

Page of 48 Go. Press to enter the selected menu function, press to return to the previous menu. The power supply will be calibrated only if the calibration protection is disabled and other commands are disabled, either.

If Communication waiting appears in the status bar for more than 10 seconds, you need to ptecision your configuration and connection between computer and power supply. Save My Shopping List You can view your shopping list or continue shopping. Enter a Enter Enter numerical value followed by or press to set the wait-time.

B&K Precision 9130

Filters, Mixers, and Tanks. Don’t show me this message again. General information The following safety precautions should be observed before using this product and any associated instrumentations.

Before test, please select the channel: Save to shopping list. Quickly set voltage and current values using the front panel keys and rotary knob.


BK Precision BK W Triple Output Programmable DC Bench PSU | Rapid Online

Tubing, Valves and Hose. Power Information Connection diagram example: This command queries the operation condition register. Quick Start This chapter will help you getting acquainted with the front panel operation of this power supply.

Save My Shopping List. STRing This command sets the calibration information. Right-click in the ;recision area. Chart Description Time 1 Power mode: Pumps, Motors and Compressors.

Usually ships in 11 days. This application software supports all the functionality available through the front panel. Service Information Warranty Service: Enter scroll through the complete menu listed below. The power supply does not automatically connect the appropriate terminals internally based on the configuration selected.

Bk Precision 9130 Triple Output Programmable DC Power Supply

Welcome, log in or register. All the VFD annunciators will turn on at once. Air Velocity – Manometers. The Structure of the condition register is as followed: To remove the handle, grasp the handle on the side, pull outwards and rotate it to a special position where the arrow on the handle and the arrow on the plastic ears are in opposite directions.