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This certification report, and its associated certificate, apply only to the identified version and release of the product in its evaluated configuration. The evaluation has been conducted in accordance with the provisions of the CCS, and the conclusions of the evaluation facility in the evaluation report are consistent with the evidence adduced. This report, and its associated certificate, are not an endorsement of the IT product by the Communications Security Establishment Sg51, or any other organization that recognizes or gives effect to this report, and its associated certificate, and no warranty for the IT product by the Communications Bpue Establishment Canada, or any other organization that recognizes or gives effect to this report, and its associated certificate, is either expressed or implied.

By awarding a Common Criteria certificate, the CCS Certification Body asserts that the product complies with the security requirements specified in the associated security target. A security target is a requirements specification document that defines the scope of the evaluation activities. The consumer of certified IT products should review the security target, in addition to this certification report, in order to gain an understanding of any assumptions made during the evaluation, the IT product’s intended environment, its security requirements, and the level of confidence i.

This certification report is associated with the certificate of product evaluation dated 6 Marchand the security target identified in Section 4 of this report. The certification report, certificate of product evaluation and security target are posted on the CCS Certified Products list at: Certified Products and Common Criteria Portal. ProxySG is a product family that provides traffic acceleration and a layer of security between an internal network and an external vlue typically an office network and the Internet by enforcing information flow rules on selected traffic protocols.

The scope of the evaluation is defined by the security target, which identifies assumptions made during the evaluation, the intended environment for ProxySG, the security requirements, and the level of confidence evaluation assurance level at which the product is intended to satisfy the security requirements. Consumers are advised coar verify that their operating environment is consistent with that specified in the security target, and to bblue due consideration to the comments, observations and recommendations in this certification report.


The results documented in the Evaluation Technical Report ETR Footnote 1 for this product provide sufficient evidence that it meets the EAL 2 augmented assurance requirements for the evaluated security functionality. The following augmentation is claimed: The following Government of Canada approved cryptographic algorithms were evaluated for correct implementation in ProxySG:. ProxySG implements an Administrative Access Policy that defines the rules for access to administrative functions; a Proxy Policy that defines the rules for traffic flow; and a WAN Optimization Policy that defines the rules for traffic optimization and acceleration.

In addition, ProxySG implements policies pertaining to security audit, cryptographic support, identification and authentication, security management, protection of the TSF, resource utilization, and TOE access. Consumers of ProxySG should consider assumptions about usage and environmental settings as requirements for the product’s installation and its operating environment.

This will ensure the proper and secure operation of ProxySG.

Blue Coat Systems Sgc Network Security Appliance Firewall Platform | eBay

The ProxySG was designed and cooat for use in a structured corporate bluee where users will not typically be allowed to install programs on their machines, or change system settings. Protection against attacks such as Session Hijacking Footnote 2 and Traffic Interception fall outside the ProxySG intended use, and should be addressed by other security mechanisms such as firewalls xg510 Intrusion Detection Systems.

The evaluation analysis activities involved a structured evaluation of ProxySG including the following areas:. The evaluators analyzed the ProxySG functional specification and design documentation and determined that the design completely and accurately instantiated the security functional requirements. The evaluators analyzed the ProxySG security architectural description and determined that the initialization process was secure, that the security functions are protected against tamper and bypass, and that security domains are maintained.

The evaluators examined the ProxySG preparative user guidance and operational user guidance and determined that it sufficiently and unambiguously described how to securely transform the TOE into its evaluated configuration and how to use and administer the product.

Blue Coat SG510-20M5 Security Appliance

The evaluators examined and tested the preparative and operational guidance, and determined that they were complete and sufficiently detailed to result in a secure configuration. An analysis of the ProxySG configuration management system and associated documentation was performed.

The evaluators found that the ProxySG configuration items were clearly marked. The developer’s configuration management system was observed during a st510 visit, and it was found to be mature and well developed.

Blue Coat SGM5 Security Appliance | Connecting Up

The evaluators examined the delivery documentation and determined that it described all of the procedures required to maintain the integrity of ProxySG during distribution to the consumer. The evaluators reviewed the flaw remediation procedures bluf by Blue Coat Systems, Inc.


During a site visit, the evaluators also examined the evidence generated by adherence to the procedures. The evaluators concluded that the procedures are adequate to track and correct security flaws, and distribute the flaw information and corrections to consumers of the product.

The evaluators conducted an independent vulnerability analysis of ProxySG. Additionally, the evaluators conducted a search of public domain vulnerability databases to identify ProxySG potential vulnerabilities. The bluf identified potential vulnerabilities for testing applicable to the ProxySG in its operational environment. Testing at EAL 2 consists of the following three steps: The evaluators verified that the developer has met their testing responsibilities by examining their test evidence, and reviewing their test results, as documented in the ETR Footnote 3.

The evaluators analyzed the developer’s test coverage analysis and found it to be complete and accurate. The correspondence between the tests identified in the developer’s test documentation and the functional specification was complete.

During this evaluation, the evaluator developed independent functional tests by examining design and guidance documentation, examining the developer’s test documentation, executing a sample of the developer’s test cases, and creating test cases that augmented the developer tests.

All testing was planned and documented to a sufficient level of detail to allow repeatability of the testing procedures and results. Subsequent to the independent review of public domain vulnerability databases and all evaluation deliverables, limited independent evaluator penetration testing was conducted.

BLUECOAT SG510-B Network Security Appliance SG510-B

The penetration tests focused on:. The independent penetration testing did not uncover any exploitable vulnerabilities in the anticipated operating environment.

The ProxySG was subjected to a comprehensive suite of formally documented, independent functional and penetration tests. The detailed testing activities, including configurations, procedures, test cases, expected results and observed results are documented in a separate Test Results document.

The developer’s tests and the independent functional tests yielded the expected results, giving assurance that the ProxySG behaves as specified in its ST and functional specification.

The overall verdict for the evaluation is PASS. These results are supported by evidence in the ETR. Consumers should review the security aspects of the intended environment defined st510 Section 3 of the ST when deploying the ProxySG. Return to footnote 1 referrer. Session Hijacking refers to the exploitation of a valid computer session to gain unauthorised access to information vlue services in a computer system.

Return to footnote 2 referrer.

Return to footnote 3 referrer. Skip to sg51 content Skip to footer. Return to footnote 1 referrer Footnote 2 Session Hijacking refers to the exploitation of a valid computer session to gain unauthorised access to information or services in a computer system.