Blue Devils Book Blue Devils Opener Blue Devils Book Blue Devils Drumbreak Blue Devils Drumline ENTIRE LOT. The Fan Favorite Bracket Tournament has begun! Click here to add your vote! Quads / Tenor Transcriptions. To Submit Your Own. Documents Similar To Blue Devils-BD Flams 08 (Tenor)-SheetMusicTradeCom. Drum Line Marching Basics. Uploaded by. Marcus Lee Tzyy Min · Bluecoats.

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Our drums are feather-light and durable with a new dry, clean voice that projects in any venue or situation. Each instrument is aesthetically beautiful, eye-catching and, in a word — elegant. Do you have the Chops?

We have a deep understanding of what you need to succeed and excel, because we have the very same needs. Board index Contact us. Sun Nov 25, 5: Medium Chops by Scott Johnson is a massive page collection of 30 exercises and 7 solos designed to work out one thing: If anyone is willing to re-write it with a good notation program in the correct time sig. Scott Johnson snare solo during finals week. Sun Nov 25, Subscribe topic Print view. InstantEncore Offline flam dragger.

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Gold medal championships, fourteen D. Limeaway Offline ramming notes. The Blus Sessions – Scojo Madness. After a long time in the making, Scojo’s newest rudimental snare drum book is now available to you. Blue Devils Flams Posted: You didnt transcribe this. PhantomPhan89 Offline Moderator Emeritus.

Who is Scojo?

Scott Johnson solo from Newest snare drum book, “Chops”, now available. Watch everything from conversations with Scott about designing Blue Devils shows, to on-stage performances, to the classic “Lick of the Week” series, to throwback videos of old school drum corps.

Kaitousxetnrdrmrbillc36iDrumNovak blye, PanasonicYouth. Catch me up, Scotty! I was just lookin at them beforehand on ocpd. Scojo’s got you covered. This book is filled to the brim with helpful performance notes, tips, and insightful anecdotes from the legendary Blue Devils arranger and caption head. While percussion instructor and arranger Scott Johnson could certainly hang his hat on the incredible number of competitive accolades he’s helped achieve on the performance field-an incredible 14 World Championship titles with the Blue Devils and a dozen high percussion caption awards-he is perhaps better known among students and colleagues for his masterful ability and willingness to teach and share his “tricks of the trade” with audiences around the world.

Tue Nov 27, 3: Lick of the Week. High Percussion titles, two W. Ok, enough yapping, here it is!


These pictures are from ocpdmusic. Sun Nov 25, 6: Brush up on your. DarkShadyTurtle Offline ramming notes. Slow is where it’s at!!!

Flams – Blue Devils | Shazam

Personal awards include seventeen D. The Weight is Finally Over. No shame with playing slow! Tue Nov 27, 4: The program I used to write it out? Scojo’s Lick of the Week. This release is a dream come true for all of us. Drum More Looking for the devols tools to get better?

I found this out after I had written it out, and I didn’t want to spend another two days writing out the exercise neatly. Tommy Igoe with special guest Scott Johnson. ScoJo’s Lick of the Week. I wish I could transcribe the tenor part, the round for it is insane!! Mon Nov 26, Scojo’s Video Archive Watch everything from conversations with Scott about designing Blue Devils shows, to on-stage performances, to the classic “Lick of the Week” series, to throwback videos of old school drum corps.

Conversations – Scott Johnson.