Myst: The Book of Atrus was the first book in the Myst novel series. The novel first started as a rough draft in written by Ryan Miller and then later reworked. The Book of Atrus has ratings and reviews. Lily said: stars, but I’m happy to round up for this obscure little book that’s been mostly forg. The book provides a lot of background information on the D’ni and the persons of the games. The book’s main character is Atrus, following him throughout his.

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The book’s protagonist is Atrus. The book opens in the sandy deserts and the life of a young Atrus, still a boy and far from the happenings of the first Myst game. This is one of the few cases where I wouldn’t mind reading a companion novel that covers the same timeframe but from a different point of view, because there’s a lot going on that I would have liked to learn more about. I even overlooked the synopsis copied above on the back cover. Manoah’s Wife “The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever.

I would most definitely recommend taking the time to read this book. Aug 31, Juan Valera rated it really liked it.

Too much missing information. Once in the great city all Atrus knows is replaced with the lost culture. Atrus and his team set out to find linking books and search for D’ni survivors.

The Terahnee people are taught not to ‘see’ the slaves; only the servants interact with the lower orders. The Book of Atrus 2 4 Jul 01, You would think that doing so would simply link the book to a slightly different quantum reality of that Age, yet when he and Atrus return to that Age, the denizens from their first visit witnessed the sudden, climatological change that Gehn rewrote.


You’ll find yourself with a notebook much like Atrus’, writing notes and learning D’Ni, all the while exploring new and interesting locations. After 14 years, he has come to take Atrus to the fabled city of his heritage,D’ni. I read this book as a kid and I barely remember the gist of the story. The Book of Artusnot because I didn’t enjoy it, but because I feel like it doesn’t do justice to the book or to people looking to read it.

If not, you’re not really missing out.

From people who have played it, I know that MYST is more than a game, it is an experience—an immersion into another world, where things are strange and wonderful. And in the middle of that bowl, at the precise center of the massive, mile-wide hole that pierced boom, a powerful column of water – as broad as a river – thundered straight up into the darkness until it was lost from sight, a great spike of brilliant, crystalline light glowing like a fierce flame at its center where it emerged from the glowing depths.

First off, before even getting into my thoughts on the book, the hardcover version of this book is beautiful!

The Book of Atrus

Most egregious are the ending chapters concerning Age Five and the character of Katran, both of whom are extremely important but receive the bare minimum of page time. TolkienRobert A. The paper is of excellent quality and is embossed in sections, which adds a tinge of making it feel artificially handmade. To ask other readers questions about The Book of Atrusplease sign up. Everything that is present in the story, I like a lot—it just needs further development.

I was an early enough adopter to be able to get all the hardcover texts and they are all beautifully designed. Needless to say Atrus’ kindly nature has the better of him and he seeks to change this. I find it hard to believe that one book can contain so many vividly booi worlds. The Myst Reader Characters of Myst. So after sitting them on the back of my to-read list for such a long time, I decided to make them a priority.


The book of Atrus is not as extraordinary as I had hoped, but it is still beautiful, inspiring, and satisfying. If you liked the games, you’ll love the books.

The Book of Atrus (Myst, #1) by Rand Miller

I’ll leave these mysteries to be discovered for yourself. Most of Gehn’s worlds are unstable and if a world has inhabitants Gehn insists on be treated as a God. I don’t know if my lack of Myst-lore has anything to contribute to that, but my inability to grasp a lot of the concepts kept me from getting really engrossed with it. We gather this information by watching events, by listening to brief conversations, and by being patient.

Its lore, its wonder and the shear, mind bending thought of how someone thought of this in the first place. If you act for self-gain then no good can come of it.

Rather than have a truly older styled binding, they have the typical bkok with embossed paper wrapped over the hard cover. The kind that you can breathe on, with blue skies, green rolling hills.

One character in particular is a tragic figure who can see his destiny right in front of him, yet he cannot reach it and he lashes out, creating chaos that has implications for countless worlds.

However, one thing would change Atrus’ life forever when he got to Riven, he met Catherine there. Rose Read a blog about books and stuff. That certainly makes sense with what I read.