above, interface f can be used, configured in the “logical expansion” mode this mode can make an extended system made up of several individual systems. BTICINO F – Interface between SCS BUS based systems, dedicated to different functions – 2 lowered DIN,Product: BTICINO F Description: Interface . Shop Legrand F – Interface between SCS Systems. Legrand BTicino SCS 4 Relay Actuator Plate SCS – interfaccia tra sistemi SCS 2 mod DIN F

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Integration and control

The integration takes place in two ways:. Color Gris RAL Page 57 device configurAtion mode The Automation devices can be confi gured in two modes: All the devices must be configured to assign the address and the mode of operation.

Description N Burglar-alarm control unit with integrated telephone dialling device. Nota Minicolumnas PVC color blanco 42 4 compartimentos.

Aanbieding: Ln Scs Touch Screen Myhome Bticino Special Offer | Huismerk met korting

Nota 65 Soporte adhesivo brida 4,6 mm mx. Permite la supervisin automtica de toda la instalacin desde una o varias centrales.


Unin 2 piezas 67 10,39 Kit de tornillos precintables 68 16,06 Patas de fijacin mural 69 22,69 Bisagra 70 13,26 Celda multifuncin horizontal 12 Mod.

Addressing levels Group control Direct control to all the actuators which perform particular functions even if they Control device: It must be supplied with a dedicated power supply with output between 10 and 35V d. Remember that each device can supply all the performance indicated simultaneously. The integration takes place in two ways: Tarifa catalogo roth acumulacion y gestion del f4222 Documents.

Bticino MH08CT/GB Technical Manual

Depending on the item the installation can be made:. Los valores reales dependen del tipo de terminales y de cable.

Page 50 configurAtion ActuAtors: They can manage up to a maximum of 16 separate controls. NH2 1 16 25 1.

Catalogo Livinglight BTicino Documents. La compaa se reserva el derecho de variar, en cualquier momento, el contenido ilustrado en la presente impresin.

MyHOME_Up: functions integration

Policarbonato grisAutoextinguibles Dimensiones mm Hermticos con tornillera No hermticos sin tornillera Ref. Nota Placas bticno 3 mdulosUtilizar soporte ref. NH3 1 16 46 2. ARMARIOS xx 50 ,26 xx 51 ,93 71 ,47 xx 52 ,46 72 ,29 xx 55 ,73 xx 56 ,49 xx 61 ,37 xx 63 ,85 xx 64 ,10 xx 86 1.


When the state of one of the contacts changes the device sends an alarm SMS to the saved number. Nota PB Caja 2 mdulos prof.

H 38,62 1 86 Acumulador 7,2V. Nota 70 Mdulo direccionamiento ,35 1 Ref. By means of SMS it can activate and deactivate electrical loads and timer thermostats. The interface includes two independent control units, operation and three cords or bticjno for interface item F to connect to identified with positions PL1 and PL2.

Garras de apantallado Para cable de dim. Page Description N Burglar-alarm control unit with integrated telephone dialling device. Nota 13 Piloto centralizado. Rotuladora porttil r422 ,34 Pack batera recargable 99 ,03 Ancho Polister Poliamida Ref.