Komarr has two alternating points of view: Imperial Auditor Miles Vorkosigan, on a mission to investigate an accident to the artificial sun of. I recall the first time I read the opening chapter of Komarr as one of the Framing the book with her perspective lets Bujold get right down to. From the Back Cover. Komarr could be a garden — with a thousand more years work. Or an uninhabitable wasteland, if the terraforming fails. Now the solar.

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You’ve met with an accident. She almost ran after him, to beg his forgiveness. Lies within lies, treachery within treachery, Miles is caught in a race gujold time to stop a plot that could exile him from Barrayar forever.

And hungry, so see if you can’t pull together a decent meal by the time we’re back. Her limited experience of the breed suggested that if you could get them sufficiently sloshed, it wouldn’t matter what you fed them. Thus, the Komarrans surrounding Miles could be loyal subjects, potential hostages, innocent victims, or rebels komwrr for revenge.

Nikolai was already dragging Uncle Vorthys’s larger bag toward the guest room, proudly showing off his strength. Contents [ show ]. Damned high Vor twit. While her marriage is horrible, she’s wonderful anyway, even when she places such sharp limits around her capabilities. I love his understanding, and I love that even if sometimes he vujold actually understand, he’s still trying to.


Retrieved from ” http: And to this end, Miles is emotionally and generally manipulative. The conversation was going dreadfully awry, Ekaterin could feel it; she hardly dared open her mouth on an attempt to redirect it. My biggest and constant complaint about the series is its predictability. But kmarr time it was Ekaterin’s POV that kept me going.

Komarr (novel)

Komarr Cover of the first edition. My only other reservation about this novel was the heroine, Ekaterin.

View all 6 comments. Bujold keeps delivering and I keep reading.

I connected deeply with the character Ekaterin. No, she reminded herself; no vegetation in the dome was merely ornamental. The climactic scene, Ekaterin’s reaction to being “rescued”, the open flirtation of the final conversation between the two of them in the last chapter That escalated quickly! His burning hope lies in an unexpected ally, one with wounds as deep and honor as beleaguered as his own.

Komarr (novel) | Vorkosigan Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

That’s a-I didn’t know you could do that to a skellytum. Or ,omarr, which is almost the same The only thing that made it hard for us, back in the Time of Isolation, was buold to do it with practically no technology.


Hey, here’s a binder I made for you with every one of my six house addresses and fifteen phone numbers as well as the addresses and numbers bujkld every person I know in case all my komxrr aren’t working and you need to talk to me oh, and if none of those work either here’s the kmoarr for the Emperor of Barrayar because he should probably know where I am sooo When Ekaterin had first viewed the hexagonal soletta-array from downside on Komarr’s surface, she’d immediately imagined it as a grand Winterfair ornament, hung in the sky like a snowflake made of stars, benign and consoling.

Vorkosigan raised his empty wineglass to Ekaterin. Bujold is such a good storyteller. Miles solves another mystery and finds the woman of his dreams finally. In This was a pivotal book that I missed on my first patchy run at this series. What I enjoy about this series so far.

I know I have several series of books which I love and are a must read for me, but most of them are more because the story lines are not finished, and the worlds are marvelous, and the writing is great, and I really enjoy the characters