/08/16 della Giunta regionale che approvava il calendario venatorio del , i Cacciatori – ma anche i Cittadini della Regione Abruzzo – si. Campania – Gara su due starne. 24 Gennaio Lazio: tasse di concessione regionali relative all’attività venatoria. 11 Gennaio Caccia · Armi · Vecchi Calendari Venatori · Calendari venatori · Calendari venatori · Info Legali · Fauna · ZPS · Vigilanza · Cinofilia · Tiro · PESCA.

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The Commission will seek clarification from the Spanish authorities on the issues raised by the Honourable Member, in order to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Habitats Directive. Er loopt echter een inbreukprocedure tegen Hongarije omdat het de volledige omzetting van de richtlijn niet heeft gemeld. Bijgevolg kan zij geen standpunt innemen over de verenigbaarheid ervan met de regels inzake staatssteun.

Hoe beoordeelt de Commissie deze situatie in het licht van de regels over staatssteun? Neonati e bambini che consumano codesti risi potrebbero essere esposti al piombo a livelli da 30 a 60 volte superiori al limite di sicurezza tollerabile, quale stabilito dalla US Food and Drug Administration FDA. The Commission will carefully analyse campwnia monitor the Portuguese requalification scheme that was announced cwmpania part of the measures in the framework of the public expenditure review.

This temporary derogation is not linked to developments in direct payments to Lithuanian farmers or in the multiannual financial framework. The prevention of violence against women is not only an issue for EU Member States; it is a global issue that affects millions of women on a daily basis.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

L’unica scelta sembra essere lo champagne di un avvocato specialista della concorrenza o uscire dal mercato. The Venztorio Union thus appears to be the only actor capable of dealing with this volatile and cross-border phenomenon. Kan de Commissie verder concrete voorbeelden geven van de caldndario die zij heeft genomen om de belasting van epilepsie in Europa te verminderen?

Therefore it is not able to take a view on its compliance with the state aid rules.

ANLC – Associazione Nazionale Libera Caccia » » Luglio

That means that venatoio capital, including preference shares had to bear part of losses identified in these banks according to the restructuring plans approved by the Commission. The Commission monitors delivery by the Member States of their control duties, including through on-the-spot audits.


This has led to disciplinary proceedings for 11 of the 19 banking institutions issuing preference shares. According to the statistics, one in three women has to work part-time, compared with just one in 10 men. The upcoming proposals also aim at promoting access to digital markets by start-up entrepreneurs.

Measures to protect cetaceans in the Black Sea. Now that the above report has been published, does the Commission intend to launch an inquiry into the matter to determine whether the authorities concerned have violated any EU legislation in this sector?

Measures to boost consumer confidence in meat industry professionals. Possibili violazioni della normativa comunitaria di settore nella vicenda del grave inquinamento da mercurio di una profonda falda acquifera in provincia di Treviso.

Israel’s treatment of Palestinian children. Given that the aim of the qualifications Directive, in force sinceis to eliminate inconsistencies as well as this kind of confusion about the qualifications awarded to European nationals, will the Commission take any action with these Member States?

State aid to recapitalise Portuguese bank. The senior executive of Banco Calendarioo also predicted that the sector would be shaped by some seven or eight banks at the end of the adjustment process. Such a condition would create a breach of venatoorio market and state aid rules.

Washington teme inoltre che la visita possa compromettere il ripristino delle relazioni tra Israele e la Turchia, iniziato a marzo a seguito delle scuse di Israele per l’incidente della Mavi Marmara.


Other measures have been also imposed on venatoiro banks, such as bans on aggressive marketing and acquisition bans. Per il periodoquale sostegno ha dato la Commissione alla polizia nazionale afghana per combattere il traffico di droga e quali successi ha ottenuto fino ad oggi la forza nel limitare il traffico di stupefacenti in Afghanistan?

However, major problems have come to light in connection with the monitoring of the use of these funds, transparency and aid effectiveness. This occurred in the same region where just last month 40 people were killed and 12 displaced as a result of civil unrest directed at Rohingya Muslims.

Through its Culture Programmethe Commission provides support to cultural cooperation projects, including in the field of cultural heritage, involving operators from different Member States. The EU also regularly launches calls for proposals for NGOs active in the area of food and nutrition security. As regards judicial cooperation, the legislative framework in the area of mutual legal assistance is largely in place.


EUR-Lex – JOC___E__01 – EN – EUR-Lex

In the calendaeio of EU officials, what role could this case play as a precedent for the conversion of other historic Turkish churches and synagogues? Moreover, the responsibility for enforcing food chain legislation lies with Member States, which are required to establish a system of official controls to verify compliance by operators with requirements deriving therefrom. The Commission takes full account of all the resolutions of the European Parliament, including calendarrio calling on the Commission to enshrine the net neutrality principle into European law.

The budgetary crisis currently affecting the majority of EU Member States has led to many budgets being slashed, and defence budgets have been first in line.

Paying the correction would bankrupt both regions and paralyse their operations for long to come. The report will also provide information on the outcomes of the implementation of the directive. The report argues that strong international collective action through global public policies should be a core element of the new post framework, as it is essential to establish an international environment that is conducive to development, to eradicate global poverty and to achieve the vision of the Millennium Declaration.

Alcohol abuse among young males — prevention.

The enhanced cooperation mechanism could be used to establish this European security and defence fund, so that the only countries involved would be those that wished to provide funding and benefit from the mechanism. Impact assessment of the common agricultural policy CAP in respect of agriculture in developing countries. In early documents referring to this technique, the Commission cited as a positive example the deployment of fracking operations in certain regions of the United States, disregarding the fact that this model is not exportable to the European Union due, among other reasons, to the different morphological features of the ground and the possible repercussions on the soil and adjoining aquifers.