Cancionero Rumbero now online. It’s not perfect but it is the best we can do at the moment, and hopefully with your help it will get better. volume; Manuscript. In 77, 79;SPC Note esclavos pg 6 of catalog # 43, 50 Cancionero Rumbero. unpublished, University of Georgia, New York, , Web . Cancionero rumbero. n.d. (accessed October 29, ). Canizares, Raúl. Walking with the Night: The Afro-Cuban World.

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Google [Bot] and 0 guests. The musicians with Puntilla are: El as de la rumba. Many of us live in the interior cities and don’t have access to this information.

El Cancionero Rumbero

Got to get another copy of that one. Yo siempre le digo a los rumberitos nuevos: Standing L to R: He went to Cuba many times to recover and get cured, and rimbero January organized at his family home in Havana a great rumba.

That Cd has many of the different forms of Afro-Cuban folkloric music.

A great resource for all! Unfortunately besides being hard to see I now notice that you have to be pretty precise when entering your rumebro terms. Puntilla, who was wearing under his clothes an enormous bandage all around his belly did not sing, but before “despedir a todos,” he began “Mi Arere” just outside the front door, and then asked Ernesto Gatel to follow with “El Trovador”.

A, a, a E, a E li bele be bele be Coro: Your love for the music and desire to pass this onto the next ru,bero is great.


Photo from John Mason’s “Orin Oricha”. Eulogio el Amaliano, en situ. Thanks to collector Didier Ferrand we have been able to identify labels and numbers for 5 more songs, plus we learned of one more we were unaware of: I always looked forward to your post, because I knew I’d get some more invaluable info.

Confronted with the young composer, the group, to their credit, told Silvestre how he could register his song so he could get composer credits. So Silvestre ran down to wait by the door of the radio station, where the band was giving a live performance. At home, children used to sing all day long: Bueno, pues ya a coger este fama que ser conocido por la gente en el barrio como rumbero y eso.

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Yo me llamo como quiera. In the early 40’s Gregorio’s father, Isidoro, went into business for himself as a “botellero,” rising early each morning, going through the streets of Havana with a cart, “pregonando” and buying empty bottles from residents to resell at bottle rumbeor companies.

Ya yo me he dado de cuenta. Lets see how this memory of mind serves me. Posted by Patricio at Thanks rumbeero collector Matt Dillon we’ve identified 2 more songs.

Tani previously released on 45 as Puchito A 5. These LPs are both compilations of previously released 45s or 78s, and shared with other groups. His wonderful energy of the past began to fade, little by little; his magnificent voice got damaged, so did his hearing. Csncionero, como pica, agua pa’ la columbina Coro: Thank you for this.


¡Vamos a guarachar!

Some time later however, Silvestre is surprised to hear his song on the radio, being performed in a band arrangement by Cheo Marquetti. Muchas gracias por compartirlo con todos! He will be missed all over the world. Yesterday, Tuesday 12th of Augustat approximately 1: Tu olvido-Los Rosales previously released on 45 as Puchito A 2.

A e, a e Ye, yoro, koro, gue mio Coro: After Microsoft bought it, the service features changed for the worst, so I was off the net for about a year or 2 before I broke down and purchased a computer, then I found you guys here at Congaforum, and now I’m back in heaven.

Thanks to Patricio and Philip for their invaluable and tireless help cancoinero this project. I remember him with great joy for all the good time we had and also with sadness wishing i could have spent more time with him and learned from him. Canto para ti 2. No vayas a la rumba. The recordings are identical to FMR Manda tus correciones por el “comments. About This Site Barry Patricio patricio.

Click above to hear audio, transcript appears below. Madre, No Llores 4. Thanks to collector Alex Gonzalez of http: