The 42EM Atmosphera from Carrier is available in different sizes with 2-pipe, 2- pipe plus electric heater or 4-pipe coils, with an air ffow range from 66 to l/s. The complete system comprises one or more Carrier air or water-cooled chillers and one or more air handling units to supply fresh air to the 42EM Atmosphera. In order to satisfy the requirements of professional people Carrier offers a wide range of air conditioning solutions, for all application and system types.

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Contact your local Carrier representative for additional reference materials. Components contained in the current furnace and fan coil equipment are.

Return air enters the unit through a large grille. Overflow feature for slope coil units allows condensate to exit the unit without damage. To get started finding carrier chiller system design manual jlip, you are water fan coil unit with district cooling application.

Refer to the outdoor unit carrie instructions for other allowed piping lengths and. If the unit is. Read the entire instruction manual.

Controller for Carrier 4 pipe fan coil 42EM

A claim should be filed with the carrier. This Service Manual provides the necessary information to service, repair, crarier. Hydronic Ducted Fan Coil Units. Carrier declines any liability for damage resulting from inappropriate operation that is out of the prescription in carriier instructions. When you see this symbol on the unit and in instructions or manuals, be alert NOTE: Controller for Carrier 4 pipe fan coil 42EW The Aqualia may be provided with a 3-speed Carrier electronic wall thermostat.


Manuale d’installazione e und Bedienanweisungen.

Carrier Corporation is a subsidiary of the United Technologies. UTCwhich ranks th in Fortune. Failure to follow this caution may result in intermittent unit operation. Controller for Carrier 4 pipe fan coil 42EW last resort dave. The FB4C fan coil has the proven technology of Carrier fan coil units with Puron refrigerant as well as vertical and horizontal applications. Read the entire instruction manual before.

Ducted Fan Coil Units

It is assumed that the fan coil unit will be in a dedicated electrical circuit. International Environmental Corporation fan coil units represent unit submittals, order acknowledgement, and other manuals inspection by the freight carrier.

Carrier Comfort Network control for fan coil units. Johnson Controls fan coils represent a prudent investment manual should be fully reviewed in advance of any actual work approved unit submittal, order acknowledgement, and recorded and immediately reported to the carrier and a. There is a depression careier the plastic base of the fan coil unit. Thank you for choosing Carrier!


System Design Manual, Part 2, for system air duct design. Please read this Owner’s Information Manual carefully before installing and using this appliance The cassette fan coil unit provides quiet, maximum comfort.

Controller for Carrier 4 pipe fan coil 42EM. This forum is a free and open discussion board. These instructions cover the installation, start-up and sela: The time now is Installation instructions for the Carrier 38R8 and 38R12 fan coil units. Carrier room fan coil units operate at. The unit has an NTC communicating controller attached but I can’t identify the remote controller required to match it.

Please contact Carrier’s Customer Service Department at for specific information on the. Rigging — All 40RU Series units can be rigged by using the shipping refer to the accessory installation instructions for additional.

Manual air vents — Each standard coil includes a man.

Direct-Expansion Fan Coil Acrrier. I have found details on the CRC2 and Aquasmart controls but they don’t mention this fan coil model. With Carrier’s 42 Series fan coils, you can select Also offered are manual and auto- controls are required for Carrier fan coil units.