Casuarina junghuhniana. Family Name: Casuarinaceae. Common Names: Mountain Ru, Red-tipped Ru, Horsetail Tree, Ru Ronan. Mountain Ru,Red- tipped. Casuarina junghuhniana. Casuarinaceae. Miq. LOCAL NAMES. Chinese (shan di mu ma huang); English (she oak,red-tipped ru,mountain ru,forest oak);. Casuarina junghuhniana. Authority, Miq. Family, Magnoliopsida:Hamamelidae: Casuarinales:Casuarinaceae. Synonyms. Common names. Editor. Ecocrop code .

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In eastern Indonesia, especially on Timor, it occurs from near sea level up to m altitude. Archived from the original on The nodules are woody and juhghuhniana and can form large masses in the root system.

Subspecies junghuhniana casuaruna grows in extensive pure stands on volcanic slopes between altitudes of to m but can also occur below m.

Cookies help us deliver our services. Root studies in the tropics. Propagation is by seed, shoot cuttings or air layering. Leaves reduced to scales, in whorls of max. Seed is sown onto germination beds. When trees reach a few metres in height they are fire resistant and sprout readily after being damaged by fire.

Casuarina Junghuhniana, Rhu – 0.5 Kg Seeds

Propagation of Casuarina junghuhniana by planting shoots and root suckers. No statistics are available on wood production, international trade and areas planted to C.

Johnston edsCasuarina ecology, management and utilization. Branchlets decompose slowly and provide good mulch. The coarse form is notable for its rugged, deeply furrowed, corky bark which junghuhinana unusual for a casuarina.


Forestry :: Casuarina junghuhniana

The noctuid turnip moth is also recorded feeding on Casuarina. Allocasuarina torulosa Aiton L. Indian Forester 79 The fruit is a woody, oval structure superficially resembling a conifer conemade up of numerous carpelseach containing a single seed with a small wing. Like most casuarinas, seed probably loses viability quickly unless kept in dry, cold storage. Infructescence a woody conelike structure. Mahmood and Possuswam also report successful root cuttings of shoots and root suckers of this casuarina in Casuxrina.

It is popular for commercial forestry and as an ornamental. This page was junghuhhiana modified on 17 Juneat See Terms of Use for junghuhnaina. Mature seeds germinate readily without pretreatment. Lowering casiarina pH makes the soil more acidic, which can help Bermuda’s biodiversity by growing acid-loving plants such as blueberriesblackberriesazaleasrhododendronsand such plants that may be seen in similar hardiness zones as Bermuda USDAsuch as plants found in New Zealand and Floridawhich naturally have a lower pH soil than Bermuda.

With domestication its utility could be enhanced. Casuarina equisetifoliashowing red female flowers and mature fruits. You may browse related categories. Topography ranges from coastal flats, to very gently undulating terrain.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Casuarina. A putative hybrid with C. In Thailand they are controlled by spreading a small quantity of a mixture of equal junghuhninaa of lime and salt in the planting hole.

Bailey Allocasuarina lehmanniana subsp. In irrigated plantations in Thailand it can attain 21 m height and 15 cm diameter at 5 years. It is grown on farm boundaries for pole production in Kenya caasuarina Tanzania.


Moore Gymnostoma rumphianum Miq. Gardner Allocasuarina fraseriana Miq.

Good plantations can be seen on laterite soils and well drained sandy loams. Commonly known as the she-oaksheoakironwoodor beefwoodjunghuhninaa are commonly grown in tropical and subtropical areas throughout the world. It is drought-tolerant and can survive prolonged waterlogging.

File:Cemara Angin (Casuarina Junghuhniana) in Samosir Island.JPG

It is also found along gravelly stream beds in Timor. It is not used as fodder. This is a low land tree that can be planted from sea level upto 1, m. Junghubniana is normally slower without irrigation. Under favourable conditions seedlings attain cm in height within 3 months. Germplasm Resources Information Network. Some Frankia strains of C.

Sign up and Save! Seedlings can attain 3 m growth in height per year during the first years. Young trees continue to develop a conical crown; with age it tends to flatten. In Thailand felled trees are transformed to poles by cxsuarina side branches. Further data about the oxygen requirements of the root system.

jungghuhniana In Thailand its straight-stemmed character makes it a popular underground pile for construction work as well as for fishtrap stakes. A subspecies tentatively called timorensis occurs on Timor, Wetar, Sumba and perhaps Sumbawa, Indonesia.

C junghuhniana grows in a wide range of soils from volcanic, sandy to compact clay soil and including very acidic sites, pH 2.

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