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I love that I can help people with fundraiser for whatever event they are in need of. You don’t have to set time out to sell Avon, just go through your normal day and talk to the people you already talk to and hand them a book so they can order or become a representative. Huhta J, Linask KK. Using data from a multicenter study in Italy, we found that many Italian women were exposed to a number of preconception risk factors that have previously been associated with adverse pregnancy complications and outcomes.

Estimates may, therefore, not be entirely generalizable to all pregnant women.

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A closer surveillance would help prevent a number of adverse pregnancy complications and outcomes, reduce the related costs, and increase the number of healthy children. Avon used to be a great ccampania to work for, then they got greedy, not caring about their employees or their representatives, just wanting the bottom line to grow.

Since one of three infants is born from a pregnancy that was mistimed or not intended and since such pregnancies are linked to poor cqtalog outcome [ 15 ], public health actions are strongly recommended to increase the number of planned pregnancies.

Be your own boss. Because women may be exposed to more than one risk factor, they may also have an excess risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes and complications.

I place the orders and wait till they arrive in a couple days, then I collect for merchandise sold and deliver it to my clients. Smoking and female infertility: Good place to meet lots of people. Impact of advanced maternal age on fecundity and women’s and children’s health. The enjoyable part is that AVON products keeps the customers satisfied.


The European Perinatal Health Report I like working with a team and helping others out, but often it is difficult to work with someone who is not as passionate as you are.

Avon Work-Life Balance reviews in United States

To our knowledge, valid data on pregnancy intention are not available in Italy. Consequently, to reduce the catalogg of such unwanted pregnancy outcomes, good maternal health and health awareness should be obtained already before the onset of pregnancy or early as possible during pregnancy.

The most enjoyable part of my job is the people I meet and associate with. Self employed sales representative. Learning experience great over-all manager and co-workers within district Customer service time consuming money management skills. I get to see all the new products and old products I’ve enjoyed for years before anyone else that I’m selling to.

With the amount of information I have with those products, I could probably sell more than I can imagine.

All The AVON Catalogs Online – Beauty Beckoning

In order to achieve more knowledge on preconception risk factors and their consequences, a national preconception surveillance system, similar to those in other countries, should be implemented in Italy.

The hardest part of my job is getting the sales for I’m new at it but I’ll get there I have no doubt.

A lot of lateral moves. Second-hand smoking was defined as exposure for at least one hour per day passed in a room, at home, or in a car or in office, with one or more smokers. Enjoyed the cataoog of orders and delivering them, to meet my customers. The Avon community is a very friendly and helpful. If data were missing, the women were asked to fill in missing answers unless she did not remember or was not able to answer.

Healthy People Objectives. Recommendations to improve preconception health and health care–United States. The prevalence of certain variables varied somewhat between maternity clinics, possibly due to regional differences in socioeconomic levels and lifestyle habits.

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More effective intervention programs to improve preconception health in Italian women are strongly needed. The hardest part of the job is to keep finding more customers to make sales. Italy, Preconception, Pregnancy, Prevalence, Risk factors.


Results Maternal characteristics Of the 2, women included in the present survey, the mean maternal age at delivery was 33 range 13—50 years, 6. At Avon I am my own boss and make my own hours running my very own business selling Avon Products. Turn around specialist in motivating, recruiting, training, sales presentation and seminars.

The study was approved by the Ethical Committees for each of the participating maternity clinics. With Avon I was able to make my own hours which made life very easy. Adequate preconception maternal health care is essential to reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy outcomes and complications. Additionally, there are no central data bases to retrieve preconception data for estimating representative prevalences on the national level. The answers to the questions were mainly organized in categories or multiple choices.

We are helping with creating their children’s education funds, dance class, car payments mortgage’s, helping put food on the table and assisting people with their retirement plans. Folate consumption in the preconception period of Sicilian pregnant women and their knowledge about the prevention of neural tube defect by folate supplementation. Measuring the intensity of pregnancy planning effort. Methods Study population The present study was a cross-sectional survey conducted between January and Junein seven Italian maternity clinics located in six different regions three in the North Italy, three in the Central Italy and one in the South Italy: Perks are the products Avon sells as well as the discounts employees receive.

Smoking behaviour before, during, and after pregnancy: Ten years after the Dutch public health campaign on folic acid: Roy Miodini Nilsen, Email:

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