Latest CCCS budget guidelines published. The UK’s largest debt charity the Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS) has released it. and expenditure? for example, the CCCS advised budget for food . I understand that the April CFS housekeeping trigger figures may. Where can I go to see the CCCs budget guidelines for familys. by Tina Shortland» Wed Jul 27, pm. When you are discussing your.

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What is an IVA? Ccca edited by Latch Key Kid ; 27th June I forgot my password. This means that if a financial statement includes items of expenditure that are either at or below the level of the appropriate trigger figure, money advisers can expect that their payment offer should be accepted.

By using this website, you are consenting to such use. My previous company told me and i suspect they were lying that these are a legally accepted budget guideline.

Just going into year 3 now so I make it a very slow 36 months to go. The debt remedy is confidential and you don’t put your name or address on, just all of your income, expenditure and debt details.

Many thanks Foggy, Kallis3, KatiKat will go in and give your advise a try, cheers and Tina S, for the advice, I was wondering why I couldn’t find anything, Just wondered where people got their figures from and vccs I was being given the right guidelinse in and if they had gone up as my cost of living has!!!!! Some people may pay back most of their debt, others may not be able to. See more letter templates. I think a proper and indeed realistic cost of living figure should be well and truly available to all and adhered to,with only marginal adjustments for certain circumstances.


The IP assumes all contact with your creditors on your behalf and makes the payments to your creditors out of the monies you pay into your IVA. Search and Compare fixed fee legal services and find a solicitor near you. There is however a blueprint which most creditors say they adhere to in deciding allowable living expenses in IVA proposals.

Where can I go to see the CCCs budget guidelines for a family ? – IVA Forum Free advice

Because every case is different creditors must look at each IVA proposal before deciding how they vote. Always seek professional advice. Mobile calls may be cheaper on This decision is taken at a meeting of your creditors and it is binding on all of your creditors, even ccce who abstained and elected not to vote either for or against your proposal. No registered users and 26 guests. Fees and key info Complaints procedure. I’m not sure about that either.

Where can I go to see the CCCs budget guidelines for familys. Not sure where you get that idea from snuggzzz – IPs are independent and don’t work for either side more than the other. Feel free to contact us in case you are facing problem. See more bidget solutions. Originally posted ccs enaid View Post.

CCCS budgeting guidelines

This is the place for new questions to be posted. You need guidelinnes have a regular source of income and have a reasonable amount of disposable income left over after taking into account your normal living expenses and the amount you need to keep back to service your secured debts such as your mortgage and car HP.

Creditors ‘should’ do many things, like adhere to OFT guidelines on debt collection, like treating customers fairly, like ensuring that mis-selling and misrepresentation of financial products does not occur However, there is a very useful guide on the beatmydebt website Living Expenses Guide that uses figures very close to those used by my IP.


See more case studies. I’ve always put down what we spend and have never had a problem.

CCCS budgeting guidelines i so want to know where that shop is. Before we look at the detailed expenses allowed by creditors in an IVA it is worthwhile to remind ourselves in simple terms what an IVA is and look briefly how it works. One of the most common queries that people have is how much they will be allowed to live on if they are insolvent and have to enter into an IVA or indeed go bankrupt. Login or Sign Up. If you would like to opt in, or out, of receiving news and marketing from LegalBeagles Group Ltd you can amend your settings at any time here.

But we all know they don’t! We have recently upgraded our forum.

joni :: Cccs budget guidelines report

They want to know what level of normality will obtain and how much they will suffer or have to do without. However, this depends on your Insolvency practitioner.

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They are updated every year.

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