Commercial Mobile Alert System designed to make sure that in cases of emergency the government can communicate with the public. Learn More!. Celltick’s Cell Broadcast Center (CBC) has been deployed by three mobile operators in Taiwan to deliver emergency warning alerts on 4G, 3G. Celltick presents Intelligent and Engaging Mobile Marketing Solutions. Cell Broadcast-based Emergency Communication System and more VISIT US!.

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There is no limit to how many people can receive a message; any cell broadcast enabled cellular phone within the cell broadcast area will receive the message. It also coordinates the allocation of channels for international purposes such as maritime alerts.

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Through this channel we broadcast fun and amusement news Security Market It said the cell broadcast feature when enabled, gave MTN customers the opportunity to see the dynamic percentage discount they would enjoy when they initiate celtick call at that time and the discount would be applicable throughout the duration of the call.

New search features Cellick Blog Free tools. By porting to MTN Zone, not only will you be able to speak to your friends and family more often, but you will benefit from fantastically discounted call rates. Through this channel we broadcast the area name where customer is located.

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Postado 21 Setembro – Data from the meteorological agency will be broadcast to phones from cell towers. It said registration onto MTN Zone service was currently free of charge. These will be people such as police personnel, city authorities, government agencies etc.

Networks such as mobile phone companies provide the infrastructure over which messages flow to citizens at risk.

We look forward to rolling out similar clients with our other SIM card partners. For some time now, South African customers have insisted on more affordable cell phone tariff options, as reflected by requests from Government, the media and customer forums. I am sure it will be well received as it is only available to prepaid customers and they are the ones who make up the bulk of Vodacom subscribers. Who can receive a Cell Broadcast message? Cell C is not as a big force as these two, which is understandable considering the resources the big two have.


The cellular industry in South Africa is very competitive with the two giants, Vodacom and MTN aggressively competing against each other for subscribers. Celltick won a contract from a similar system from China Unicom, wireless phone operator, which has deployed it in Shenyang, China. Retrieved December 31 from https: In the current economic climate we are in in South Africa today, any form of savings and a discount will be greatly welcome by the consumer.

Through this channel we broadcast flight and airport related information. The channels that we can define are: Is Cell Broadcasting the same as Text Messaging? What does it cost?

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How many people can receive messages? What do I celltickk to do to receive messages? MTN Zone breaks the rigid peak and off-peak tariff structures cellticm provides customers with more convenience, choice and control over their cost of making calls.

The carousel client offers an improved user experience, allowing users to browse from a selection of approximately ten content messages at all times.

With SMS there is a significant network load when large numbers of messages are being sent, as each phone has to be addressed individually.

A statement issued in Accra said MTN Zone subscribers have a flat tariff on all MTN to MTN calls when they register and subsequently receive messages that display dynamic discounts they enjoy at any point in time. It would not surprise me if MTN decide to also offer discounted calls from MTN to other networks in order for them to compete with Vodacom.

After this, turn on the cell information display feature on your handset. There is a growing number of nation states with their own CEASA branches, setting the best practices for each sovereign state, in conjunction with governmental institutes and network operators. With MTN Zone you are automatically moved to a different price plan upon subscription. The broadcast range can be varied from a small area to the entire network.


The product can be integrated with all data network elements including wireless application protocol WAP gateways, Internet portals, short message service SMS platforms, cell broadcast centersunified messaging platforms and wireless data service bureaus. When calling landline numbers or subscribers from other networks, MTN customers will enjoy standard rates. Once migrated to MTN Zone, the customer needs to set up the cell broadcast function on their handset.

When there is an incoming call or the user wants to use the phone, the client is automatically halted and the handset reverts to standard operation.

Using patented technology, LiveScreen transforms the idle screen into an interactive, personalized, location-sensitive media channel. S, Celltick is a rapidly growing company that drives billions of transactions annually for more than million active consumers across countries.

Through this channel we broadcast daily stock and market movers news. Through this channel we broadcast information technology and communication news. Start has already million installations and is growing by 5 million a month. A message can be created, the geographical area defined and the broadcast started in a matter of a couple of minutes. The statement urged customers who wanted further information on the service to call the MTN Customer Service toll free number Accordingly a system of Trust Protocols sets out the Memoranda of Understanding between them.

The discount remains constant for the duration of the call, even if the call cuts across the hour or moves between cells. With Yebo4Less you’ll experience massive call discounts on calls to any network! All parties are welcome to join. Go to the main menu then press ‘Settings’ Step 2: This highly interactive solution enables banking institutions, insurance bodies and e-commerce centers that are required to regularly update their customers, to send added messages and notifications, in order to pique their interest.

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