Halting State [Charles Stross] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the year , Sergeant Sue Smith of the Edinburgh constabulary is. CHARLES STROSS Halting State is the book William Gibson’s Spook Country should have been. For one thing, it’s actually about what it would (will?) be like. “Halting State” wasn’t intended to be predictive when I started writing it in . t3knomanser replied to this comment from Charlie Stross.

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If that writing is like nails on a chalk board for you—both the second-person POV and wtross Scottish dialect—then you definitely want to stay away from this work. And to be fair to him, it kinda is a little bit cool. My software team at Hotmail used to communicate via WoW while doing releases rather using the work one, so I know of at least one off-use.

The climate in HK nalting somewhat stste forgiving than in Scotland; add road salt and rain to presumably sustainably sourced teak, keep it cold and humid so that it doesn’t really dry out for half the year; and either watch the maintenance costs climb, or see how long the trams last: I liked it too, but I’m not sure I really liked it as much as this one.

You would think there would be a tree-squared factor in here somewhere; I’m at the end haltong a branch of a branch, and the delightful and now familiar sound of a transformer exploding on the upstream branch gives me sstross of time to ponder whether I should be working in some kind of superlinear factor for the especially common lines.

Trust Me I’m a kettle is the next entry in this blog. Dec 22, Megan Baxter rated it really liked it. Using Nigel’s shadow identity as bait for Team Red’s mole, Elaine strosw Jack successfully expose and capture Marcus Hackman, who is revealed to be the mole and main antagonist. That makes him at most a one-term prime minister. You can find the phrase used by Charniak in a conference paper here.

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For an alternative I suggest you read MacDonald Fraser’s masterly short history: Sign up using Email and Password. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

Labour have decided to poison the ha,ting on having the big beasts from Westminster return in the event of a Yes vote. Kill your darlings, Stross. Another from my list of books in second person.


PSA: Why there won’t be a third book in the Halting State trilogy – Charlie’s Diary

Someone has knocked over a bank in Second Life Avalon Four. This is another worst the average attempt that has also failed. It doesn’t have the power to actually declare independence, it could pass legislation to do so but as that is a reserved power it would not be of effect without Westminster’s agreement. I haven’t read Brookmyre. Mashups and crowdsourced reviews have become the go-to source for information and recommendations.

As for puritanism, I suppose I really mean nannying – whic comes out the same in the end – “it’s all for your own good” This might have primed me to be more tolerant of the second person story telling than I was in Rule Or his appearance on “Desert Island Discs” – either he genuinely only likes “Scottish Music”, in which case he’s narrow-minded; or he felt he had to be seen only to like “Scottish Music”, in which case he’s appealing to the narrow-minded.

We follow the story through three point-of-view characters — Sue, a sergeant in the Edinburgh police; Elaine, an auditor at the company that insure the company that run the bank, she is brought into the case due to her gaming hobby and then the rest of the team promptly dump the case on her; and Jack, a recently sacked genius game developer, just back from a somewhat bleary trip to Amsterdam to try and forget his firing, who is brought in as a consultant to the auditor Elaine as he just happens to have exactly the right skills.

Sue Smith is a tough, no-nonsense cop who takes occasional flack for being the only out lesbian in her department. Let’s see if he chooses to disclose the info. In other words, wishing doesn’t make it so. We should strss Snowden back and build a statue of him.

Retrieved from ” https: Some of that extra money nominally spent in Scotland is down to building expensive aircraft carriers and basing Trident submarines, and with some of that a total x-billion bill isn’t all going to Scotland.

We have fun new acronyms! To ask other readers questions about Halting Stateplease sign up. I hate being told what I just did and what I was thinking at the time by somebody I’ve never met. But she soon realizes that the virtual world may have a devastating effect in the real one-and that someone is about to launch an attack upon both There might be a story in a bunch of G-men using one of these games for a bit of stress-relief, maybe the equivalent of the corporate fireworks party on 4th July, and having to come up with ever more and more incredible excuses.


The notion that inter-nation wars might be fought over that virtual value is – again – plausible, and likely? If you are up for a techno mystery with neat ideas charlew some sparse action thrills, you will enjoy this book. Just get over that second-person narrative hump. Okay plot, although Stross thinks he’s being more innovative than he really is.

Clarke’s solution for the series’ inconsistencies, and claim each is set in a very similar but discontinuous charlew Agreed – and you’ll never think of a pumpkin in quite the same way: And what we’re left with is pieces of augmented reality and online games which are effectively “playing” real life. I was pleasantly surprised by “Halting State”. I suppose you could say that the wheels fell off this century, but I understand that re.

Money today is simply a method of storing value that is accepted by all the players. On the other point, some were closed single deckers.

Halting State by Charles Stross | : Books

As different as it is, it’s plausible based on today’s technology. They have formed all of their Governments without needing Scottish seats. How do you prove that human beings can know something about someone without ever having been explicitly told? It all comes clear in the end. The novel closes with an email addressed to Hackman that resembles a scam from a Nigerian banker, implying that is where he hid the money.

If Scotland cannot influence policy in any meaningful way, because, as you rightly say it has less than half the ‘clout’ of London, what is the point of Scotland remaining in a Strose where resources are directed in one direction only?

For Smith, the investigation seems pointless. Not so much cramped as wet and cold.

As a lover of fantasy and science fiction AND a lover of all types of games, I suppose that it was inevitable that I spend nearly a decade playing Everquest and World of Warcraft.

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