(bit) to use the PDF-Reader with TeXnicCenter. After installing the reader I tried to set the path for the inverse search in the settings->options. I am trying to use Sumatra PDF with TeXnicCenter (TXC) Beta 1 (x64) a new tex file and compile it with Sumatra, this setting is changed. After successful setup Sumatra PDF recognizes changes in the PDF le peated compilation in TeXnicCenter (TC) and updates its document.

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But I’m quite new here The following configuration categories are available: The LaTeX files are just simple text files. This file can then be used by SumatraPDF to perform synchronization. I have this in my configuration: Thanks for your help. Thanks anyway, Sumatra is awesome! I do not manage to obtain an inverse search.

I have found that the only problem is that shorcut needs administrator privilage to call the editor.

Is it necessary to close the output before the compilation starts? La TeX tab page. If this test is successful, the Wizard will look for the viewer registered for PDF files.


For more details on the synchronization feature of SumatraPDF, check the following posts: Afterwards the Wizard will look for the registered DVI-viewer. Or to left a comment behind that questions showing wrong informations?


But Ihave to admit, that I haven’t controlled all your lines in detail, so of course there can be another fault. The topic should be control.

Krzysztof Kowalczyk on June 5, To check what the wizard has created open the dialog Manual configuration. As I had to learn two different names in links C: If your are sumaatra synchronization based on texniccfnter pdfsync package then you can just compile your TeX file as usually.

But if I just define the inverse search in Sumatra, it works, so I am just gonna stand with this configuration. No registered users and 0 guests. Using a command line switch if it exists is always preferable simple is better.

Cannot configure Sumatra v with TeXnicCenter

I don’t have experience setting up Sumatra with TeXnicCenter so the only thing I can suggest is to double-check that you’re doing everything exactly as described in http: All the commands can be either command-line options or DDE commands. Here are the parameters of my current profile. I haven’t wuth this, but I’m using Miktex 64bit and Inverse Search works. If the viewer is the Adobe Acrobat Reader, the wizard will do the configuration, otherwise the path and the command line arguments for a different PDF viewer can be entered in a dialog.


Thank you very much!!

Configuration — TeXnicCenter documentation

The following configuration categories are available:. I assumed the space in the root is the cause of the problem. StackJack Your wish is my command line: Other recent sumata opics.

The command-line of this tool has to be empty.

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