Find out the various salary structures in Nigerian civil service according Structure (CONHESS); Consolidated Armed Forces Salary Structure. The administration of Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State has approved the procurement of unit of mass transit vehicles for convenient and affordable. The Governor of Yobe State, Ibrahim Gaidam, on Tuesday, approved the full implementation of the salary structure for all nurses, pharmacist and related medical.

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This is the salary structure on which all top government officials are placed. Thus the average salary of dentists in Nigeria is strucutre so different from that of medical doctors which is an average ofmonthly.

Salary Structures in Nigeria and Their Meanings

This is the acronym for Consolidated Health Salary Structure. Non-regular allowances for the Federal Public Service. Salaries of Pharmacists in the private sector vary from those working in government agencies and other parastatals. They are quite different from doctors for various reasons, chiefly of which is the inability or non-mandate to conheds and prescribe drugs to patients.

Certain factors are considered when looking at the amount received by Nigerian nurses monthly. Ao July 1, – 2: Follow the link for more information http: From the salaries above, one can easily conclude that the Medical Profession is really a noble one, not just in words or for prestige sake but also reflects in the salaries received.


Salaries of Pharmacists, Nurses and Other Medical Professionals in Nigeria

Check it out https: Taiwo May 23, – This is besides other allowances such as working in a riverine community conhess etc. Rita Uche July 6, – 9: With several promotions after some working years or in acquiring more degree sthe monthly salary could be as high asPlease how much is an admin staff in a federal hospital expected to earn after tax deductions?

Thank you Tosin The pdf below gives information about it. You just received a job salarg. See administrative staff salaries here https: The chief factors are the experience of the nurses and the sector public or private they work in.

Your facts are not right pertaining to nurses salary Lagos state staff some collect as low as naira while a the degree holders are on 90k. Typically, radiographers use high-tech, expensive equipment and are an important part of a large medical team.

Thanks for contacting us. I will really like to find out what it sslary for other states, especially cross river state. Having a good CV and a well-pitched cover letter can be that one thing that can land you in your dream job.


Considering the present economic situation in the country inflation, artificial scarcity, and resource mismanagementat what point then Waiting for your reply.

Some nurses working in Government Institutions, however, earn abovewhich excludes allowances and other benefits. The respect also accorded to the professionals is unparalleled and desirable by virtually everyone. The new allowances are applicable as enumerated hereunder:.

Consolidated Health Salary Structure (CONHESS) Archives – Premium Times Nigeria

Click Here to Join. The average salary of Medical laboratory scientists in Nigeria is aboutmonthly. While some other professionals have their roles and activities mutually exclusive from that of the Medical Doctors.

See What He Earns. This is the salary structure under which judges, court clerks, prosecutors and others legal staff members under the employment of the federal government are placed. This is shown in info-graph 13. All enquiries concerning this conheess should be directed to the chairman, national salaries incomes and wages commission.

They use their wide range of skills and training to deliver a sensitive, patient-focused healthcare service in imaging and radiotherapy. Salary Structure for top government officials.