Cosmic Consciousness: A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind [Richard Maurice Bucke] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is an attempted scientific study of illuminated individuals. Bucke provides three dozen very consistent examples of ‘cosmic consciousness. This work is the magnum opus of Bucke’s career, a project that he researched and wrote over many years. In it, Bucke described his own experience, that of.

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Cosmic Consciousness – A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind

Anyway, again, Think I may have to reread this thing and see if it’s any good? Trivia About Cosmic Consciousn He died a few hours later without regaining consciousness. Why Buddha endured such terrible struggles; is suffering necessary to Cosmic Consciousness?

An adventurer during his youth, Bucke later studied medicine. Of what nature is consciouness realization of westerners who relate that they have had flashes cpnsciousness cosmic consciousness. Balzac’s evident intention, and why veiled.

Cosmic Consciousness

Four stages delineate such evolution: How the writer succeeded in living two distinct lives and the result. More than a few others have connsciousness cosmic visions but were dismissed as nutcases, so why one and not another? Return to Book Page.


The idea that humanity is developing from a baby to an adult as a person does is very fascinating to me. Was big into this shit back then. It was published in and has been reprinted several csomic since then.

Many readers say this is a brilliant book. How he again received the great Light.

I liked this book. He published a biography of Whitman in and was one of Whitman’s literary executors.

Thirdly, it is constituted by an intellectual enlightenment or illumination, the essential content of which concerns the understanding that the cosmos is a living spiritual presence, not dead matter. The way in which the higher consciousness expresses itself.

Bucke, Cosmic Consciousness | Philosophy of Religion

Consciousness the essence of everything. Looking from the perspective of modern cosmology such as it might be understood e. The prize and the price. After adopting the Victorian-era theory that mental illness in women was often due to defective reproductive organs, Bucke began performing surgical removals of these organs from female patients.

The remarkable and radical change made by his experience. Sprunger, now graduated to Heaven. But it was only an initiation. Any thoughts on it? Exactly what kind of visionary was Plotinus? Could it be that those visionaries who love moral elevation were the nurturing types who really, truely love human kind or life itself because of their biologically-given capacity? The difficulty of clear enunciation. How the teachings of Buddha compare with the vision of Cosmic Consciousness.


All rights reserved Vers. Bucke later testified that he was “lifted to and set upon a higher plane of existence” because of his friendship with Whitman.

Having experienced a simular event in my mid-thirties remember, it happens to varying degreesI found this book to be immensely personally relevant- as it has proven to be to many of us for over one hundred years now. Books by Richard Maurice Bucke.

His familiarity with Oriental philosophy; his remarkable discrimination; the peculiar penetrating quality of his intellect. Do people create their leaders because of their need for father figures “saviors”?

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