The Courtship of Princess Leia has ratings and reviews. Alejandro said: One of the best Star Wars novels! BEGINNING THE PATH OF THE F. : Star Wars: The Courtship of Princess Leia (Audible Audio Edition): Dave Wolverton, Anthony Heald, Random House Audio: Books. “Seeking rich, powerful allies to bring into the Rebel Alliance and a new home planet for the refugees of her native Alderaan, Princess Leia considers a proposal.

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One of the best “Star Wars” novels! Luke Skywalker definitely advocates eugenics. Other books in the series.

Star Wars: Courtship of Princess Leia: Dave Wolverton: : Books

Try to make the characters a little more realistic next time. It seriously makes me wonder, since the actions of Han in this book do not remind me of Han Solo from the movies at all.

Plus, Han and Isolder treat Leia like a prize to be won. A war has been waging there for a long time, apparently, between good witches and evil ones, called Nightsisters. Furthermore, this quote from Ta’a Chume is very interesting, in light of later books: Refresh and try again. Leia is a shrill shrew of a character, an offensive stereotype that is dismissive of the strong female character found in the films. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

But for real, the suicide bomber thing really turns her on “I’ve got to say, you really look good with a bomb strapped to you. Isolder looked like some barbaric god come to life. Once you choose to walk in the light, your path will lead you places you do not want to go. It seems rushed, and there are many disjointed elements within the story that may have been fixed if Wolverton had been given time to develop them in three separate novels. Come on, who ever heard of using a Gun of Command just to get someone to go on a space flight to a planet with them?


His deep-set eyes were a dark blue-gray, like the color of the sea on the horizon, and promised wit, humor, wisdom; his powerful shoulders and firm jawline were strong.

Library Journal;March 15,Vol. Also of note, the Hapan and Dathomiri cultures are founded in this book. The action picks up somewhat when the characters reach Dathomir, but in the latter half of the novel, the central villains fail to register as significant threats.

Han, Leia, and Chewie are captured by Imperials, then rescued by the Witches of Dathomir good guys and have a slumber party. But at that moment, whatever attachment she had ever felt for Han suddenly seemed to become as insubstantial as fog, as a gentle white mist, and Isolder was the sun, burning it all away. Well, I now rescind those remarks.

Remnant Force Heretic II: And Han Solo was totally unlike cortship character we remember from the movies. It picks up right where “Return of the Jedi” leaves off, and it is such a fun read for fans of the films.

The Courtship of Princess Leia (Literature) – TV Tropes

While observing the reception, Han watches as the Hapes delegation presents Leia with a number of stunning gifts from each world in the Hapes cluster, among them the dozen Star Destroyers Han had seen, a Hapan gun of ifa small plant resembling a bonsai which promotes longevity and intelligence and, most shockingly of all, the hand of Prince Isolderthe son of Ta’a Chume the current ruler of the Hapes clusterin marriage. After less than 30 pages, Leia decides she no longer loves Han and wants to marry Micheal Bolton Page Reception for The Courtship of Princess Leia was predominantly positive and the book was a New York Times Bestseller in both its hardback and paperback formats.


Prrincess wore a different outfit now, another silk half-cape, over a white top that did not conceal the sculpted muscles of his belly or the prince’s dark tan. Using an interdependent control system on his secret weapon?

Isolder is one hot babe and Han declares he and Leia are “lovers”. The Hapes Consortium of 63 worlds is ruled by the Queen Mother, who wants Leia to marry her son, the dashing prncess wealthy Prince Isolder. Nothing spectacular, but, still a mildly entertaining Star Wars adventure. Unfortunately, it’s just not very o. Shadows of the Empire. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. As all Fiction and even some Non-Fiction books should do, which transport you and have you imagine that you’re actually living xourtship story, I was captivated by the great story telling, the familiar and also new and mysterious characters who I wanted to know more about.

This book hurts my brain. The Dathomiri culture, on a whole, is prinfess about the sexual dominance of women.

The Courtship of Princess Leia

Based on the structure of the novel, that rumor makes sense. Luke is an all-powerful Jedi god who tends to deliver pretentious lectures on the role of the Force–even while admitting that he knows virtually nothing about Jedi traditions. When I read it, back then intherefore it has always been very special to me. I think that’s really doing an injustice to authors of fan fiction.

The Spectator – Hamilton, Ont.