Welding System Assessment (CQI). Related Courses: Understanding the Heat Treat, Soldering and Welding Special Process System Assessments. Program. This one day seminar will give an overview of CQI, Special Process: Welding System Assessment, which, along with internationally recognized quality. Documents Similar To CQI Welding System Assessment. VDA Minimizing Risks in the Supply Chain. Uploaded by. Sergio Boillos. AIAG Cqi 14 Warranty Key.

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Process Controls and Confirmation 6. When performing the job audit, the auditor shall verify welding is conforming ccqi-15 the customer’s requirements. The organization shall show evidence of program effectiveness.

Weldong special characteristics, as defined by the organization and its customers, shall be identified, defined, and addressed in the FMEA. Are the power supplies sufficiently sized? The process of reviewing the control system shall be documented and recorded in the control plan.

What is the process deviation requirements of your customer? Is syxtem documented evidence shstem reaction plans are followed? This may not be easily determined with fasteners, especially if the fastener manufacturer does not identify the end customer auto manufacturer, tier one, etc. Draft documents adopted by the technical committees are circulated to the Steering Committee for review and consensus approval.

The customer may have sywtem requirements, e. Reaction plans are to be followed per the control plan and PFMEA or, in the case of newly indentified issues PFMEA and control plan must be updated to reflect the new failure mode and reaction steps sysetm.

Is lot traceability and integrity maintained throughout all processes? Records of the corrective action, including verification, shall be maintained. Timely review should be as soon as Motors, Honda, Ford, Toyota possible and shall not exceed two working weeks.

Is there a containment reaction plan and are operators trained in the process? Far West Technology, Inc. Pricing is dependent on location and may vary. Automotive Industry Action Group makes no claim to any trademark of a third party. Address each Needs Immediate Action item and determine corrective action sincluding root cause analysis and implementation of the corresponding corrective action s.


CQI Welding System Assessment_百度文库

Refer to the applicable Process Tables, Section 2. The organization shall have a documented xystem maintenance program for process equipment as identified by the Process Tables. The organization shall identify who is responsible for performing these tasks. Copies of this document shall be classified either as Controlled or Uncontrolled, and shall be identified as such on the cover sheet.

The date of the re-assessment shall be given here, and the appropriate Question s from Sections 1 5, in the original assessment, shall be modified to weldung that the evidence, relating to the implementation of the corrective action shas been observed. In subsequent welding system assessments, different parts and welding processes shall be checked.

Training Offerings by Industry. Documented fixture set-up i.

Welding System Assessments (CQI-15)

In-Process and Final Tests shall be performed per frequencies in the control plan as agreed upon between the supplier and the customer. Documented evidence shall be maintained showing the employees were trained; the evidence shall include an assessment of the effectiveness of the training, must prove knowledge of the customer’s specific requirements and internal standards, and where appropriate, employee certification, such as for a manual welder.

The management review shall include efforts to detect out-of-control conditions or alarm conditions. Is maintenance data being utilized to sustem a predictive maintenance program?

Welding System Assessment Is there a preventive maintenance program? The welding organization shall define a process for wwlding improvement for their welding sydtem identified in the scope of the WSA.

Enter N if the company does not weld any components for their own company. Welding System Assessment Job Identity: Related Courses CQI 8: AIAG s goals are to reduce cost and complexity through collaboration; improve product quality, health, safety and the environment; and optimize speed to market throughout the supply chain. Other Requirements The organization shall keep records as evidence of compliance to the requirements identified in the WSA, as well as all appropriate action plans to address any unsatisfactory ratings.


If there are to be changes in process outside of the current control plan and last agreed upon process and parts sign off, do you know what your customer requirements are, have you notified your customer, and do you have customer approval prior to making the change?

Name of person performing self-audit: Procedures for part and container identification help to avoid incorrect processing or mixing of lots. The goal of the Welding System Assessment is the development of a welding management system that provides for continual improvement, emphasizing defect prevention and the reduction of variation and waste in the supply chain.

The organization shall determine which parameters to include in such analysis. Floor and Material Handling Responsibility This cqi-51 of process changes shall be documented. Quality Management System General Requirement: Identified actions shall be prioritized and shall include asssesment estimated completion dates. Search for Training Course Keyword: Documented evidence shall be maintained showing the employees were trained; the evidence shall include an assessment of the effectiveness of the training, must prove knowledge of the customer’s specific requirements and internal standards, and where appropriate, employee certification, such as for a manual welder.

Operators shall be trained in material handling, containment action, and product segregation in the event of an equipment emergency including power failure. Procedures shall be adequate to prevent movement of non-conforming product into the production system.