Object Oriented Programming (CS) VU CSHandouts Last Updated: 20/ 08 Object Oriented Programming (CS) VU LECTURE NO Object Oriented Programming (CS) CSHandouts. Download. Object Oriented Programming (CS) CSHandouts. Uploaded by. B. Moeen Ali. CS Complete Handouts 1 to 45 lectures in signle pdf file.

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Gear Box in car system Consider object Gear Box in car system it has a certain structure and functionality. This is where I will conduct my. In addition to object-oriented constructs, C supports component-oriented programming with properties, methods and events. Function Definition Includes description of the interface and the function More information.

Object Oriented Programming (CS) CSHandouts. Virtual University of Pakistan 1 – PDF

Classes are arranged in hierarchies sharing common More information. Reduction of an E-R.

To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. The benefit of using this approach is that our object interface to outside word becomes independent from inside implementation of that interface.

Permission is granted to copy for the PLoP conference. Technology and Society Interaction Standard 2: Problems with Multiple Inheritance Increased complexity Amphibious vehicle hierarchy is a complicated as this class is derived from two classes that will make code more complex and less understandable however this is obvious as amphibious vehicle is a complicated vehicle. It helps us understanding and solving a problem using object oriented approach as it hides extra irrelevant details of objects.

In the perspective of Object Oriented Programming Information Hiding is, Hiding the object details state and behavior from the users Here by users we mean an object of another class that is calling functions of this class using the reference of this class object or it may be some other program in which we are using this class. Binary Association Virtual University of Pakistan Entities, attributes, More information.

Object Oriented Programming (CS304)

If there is an abstract class then hierarchy exists in the object model as there will definitely be some concrete classes as well derived from this abstract class otherwise there is no use of abstract class. Abstract Classes can not exist standalone in an object model C304 making object model we start by finding out objects in our object model and then we find out objects having common attributes and make them in the form of general classes at the top of class hierarchies Concrete Classes The entities that actually we see in our real world are called concrete objects and classes made against these objects are called concrete classes.


This subject hndouts with hanndouts structures like set theory, mathematical. The data structure of a relational database can be represented with a Data Model diagram, also called an Entity-Relation diagram.

A general purpose Object Oriented programming language.

Object Oriented Programming (CS304) CS304-Handouts. Virtual University of Pakistan 1

Abstraction Classes Inheritance Major benefits of inheritance Reuse Abstraction Real life objects have a lot of attributes and many kind of behaviors but most of the time we are interested in only that handkuts of the objects that is related to the problem we are currently going to solve, for example in implementing a school system we don t need to take care of the personnel life of a student or a teacher as it will not effect our system in handouhs way so we will see these objects in the perspective of school system and will ignore their other characteristics, this concept is called Abstraction.

It s a general hanfouts More information. It is a technique in which we visualize our programming problems in the form of objects and their interactions as happens in real life. Focusing on single perspective of an object provides us freedom to change implementation for other aspects of for an object later. Software Organization View to this point: Analyze customer software needs and system requirements to design an ahndouts technology-based project plan.

So we can say that Handuots and Behavior are tightly handoutx inside an object and both the information structure and implementation details of its operations are hidden from the outer world. The common characteristics attributes and behaviour of all these objects are combined in a single general class. There may be more than one aspects of an object It is not necessary that every object has a specific role in implementation of a problem there may be some hxndouts without any role, like school parking in our school.

The presentation layer may represent encode the data in various ways e. Derived class will not exhibit the behaviour of base class but it is overriding behaviour of base class with its own behaviour Overriding A class may need to override the default behaviour provided by its base class Derived class overrides the behaviour of its base class.

A phone SIM card may store several handoutz numbers but we can t read the numbers directly from the SIM card rather phone-set reads this information for us and if the owner of this phone has not allowed others to see the numbers saved in this phone we will not be able to hadnouts those phone numbers using phone.

An server may have account information of millions of people but it will share only our account information with us if we request it to send anyone else accounts information our request will be refused.


Subtyping and generalization are related concepts, Subtyping extension and generalization is a way to look same thing in two ways.

Object Oriented Programming (CS) CSHandouts | bc MOEEN ALI –

In method 4 swim In method walk Example 2 Multiple Inheritance Take another example of amphibious vehicle vehicle that can run on land as well as on water so it has properties of both land as well as of water vehicle.

Data Analysis 1 Unit 2. Technology and Society Interaction Technology and Ethics Analyze legal technology issues and formulate solutions and strategies that foster responsible technology usage. There are two cases while solving diamond problem virtual inheritance and non virtual inheritance we will study these details in coming lectures 48 Virtual University of Pakistan. In generalization there should be Is a Kind of Relationship also called Is A relationship between base and child classes.

Basic Programming Logic Explain the steps involved in the program development cycle More information. Linux Lab 0 0 4 2 1 Write a shell script to input two numbers and perform all mathematical operations on them 2 Write a shell script to print the information about.

A continuum of courses, including advanced classes in technology is needed. How can computer programs make problem solving easier and more efficient? Real Life example of separation of interface and implementations Messages Driver has a standard interface to drive a car and using that interface he drive can drive any car regardless of its model or type whatever engine type it has or whatever type of fuel it is using. Car is also a tangible object having some characteristics attributes and behavior given below, Car State attributes Color Model Behavior operations Accelerate Start Car Change Gear We can identify Car using its registration number Examples of Intangible Objects also called as conceptual objects: By Information Hiding we mean Showing only those details to the outside world which are necessary for the outside world and hiding all other details from the outside world.

Citation s listed may represent More information. Permission is granted to print and copy this document for non-commercial distribution and exclusive use by instructors More information.

In this lecture you will learn: So we say that attributes and behavior of Ali are encapsulated in it. The chief use of binary trees is for providing rapid access to data indexing, handdouts you will. What do we do? Java primitive types and operations. Encapsulation and Information Hiding are related to each other.