This is my collection of Telugu breathless dialogues in Telugu movies. I dont have copyrights to anyone of these. Dana Veera Soora Karna. Balakrishna Repeats Daana Veera Soora Karna Dialogue in Flight. Dialogues And Songs Part – 1 MP3 Song by N. T. Rama Rao from the Telugu movie Daana Veera Soora Karna. Download Dialogues And Songs Part – 1 song .

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Asian Historical and Fantasy films onwards. Furious, Karna takes an oath that he will not enter into the war until Bhishma is there on the battlefield.

The scene of Indra meeting Karna asking him his Kavacha Kundalas is also a famous scene in the movie. HMV, dasna company that released the audio, claims that there are considerable sales of the cassettes, and CDs, even now.

After the shooting for the day, NTR talked to her and made her more comfortable. This was the only film in which you can see NTR’s daughters, even for a second, on the screen in the dance scene of “Jabili Kante Challanidi”.

Due to the provocations of the Pandavas, he comes out of the lake. The movie running time is 4 hr 17 min but NTR cameo vfera almost 4 hrs. Saroja Devi Prabha Rajanala.

Daana Veera Soora Karna () – Daana Veera Soora Karna () – User Reviews – IMDb

Added to this there were scenes whose dialoguee is doubtful based on what all we saw in Mahabharat serial and also a string of movies based on the same Overall this movie is dialoggues great watch, provided one doesn’t bother about the authenticity. DVS Karna’ s cost was less than ten lakhs. Even aware of Indra’s intention, Karna donates it without any hesitation.


That night, Karna visits the war field and near Abhimanyu’s dead body he feels very low and says that in reality Karna is dead and Abhimanyu is immortal.

Sr.NTR Famous Dialogue From Daana Veera Soora Karna || NTR , Sharada , Saroja Devi

Harikrishna did the role of Arjuna. The Pandavas are forced into exile for 13 years after Dharmaraju loses again in the dice game. After reaching the capital, a baby girl taking ghee diallgues slips in front of his chariot and the baby drops her ghee.

While Karna is returning to the capital city, Indra again takes the form lion killing a cow of a Brahminto protect it Karna throws an arrow but unfortunately, the cow dies and the Brahmin curses him that he will die helplessly soorz the same way that diwlogues innocent cow had died. Next day Selya Mukkamalathe maternal uncle of the Pandavas is appointed as the charioteer of Karna who demoralizes him during the war as per the instructions of Krishna.

The dialogues were immensely popular even though they were in chaste bookish Telugu graanthikamu. Karna arrives and challenges him in the contest. Years roll by, Karna N.

Given the arrival of DVDs etc. During karan time of battle, Krishna secretly signs the life secret of Duryodhana is in his thighs. Peplum Paradise Part 4: The vaana is based on the life of Karna from the Mahabharata. The film was recorded as a Blockbuster at the box office. NTR never used to see the rushes before the release; thus they edited the film within days, without seeing the rushes.

This was one of the best movies of NTR where he played 3 mythological characters that needed different styles,dialogue delivery,expressions and body language and I can say beyond doubt that he did that job exceptionally well. At that time, he was the principal of a Sanskrit college. DVS Karna can be claimed to be one of the lengthiest films in Telugu film industry and even in the Indian film industry on the whole. It kana difficult to defeat Karna, who has armor body protection Kavachakundalalu around his chest.


Rama Rao took at least three hours to put on the makeup and two hours to remove it. Indra disguised as a Brahminapproaches Karna and begs for his armor and earrings. Pleased with Karna’s generosity, Indra gives him a powerful weapon Vimalambut states that he can use it only once. Another record of the film was that it was sold for 60 lakhs for the repeat run in with 30 prints and earned more than one crore in the repeat run too!

Kondaveeti Venkatakavi KVK was an atheist, and he thus rejected the offer. Parasurama accepts his request and Karna becomes expert in all fields of archery. Arjuna chooses Krishna where Duryodhana feels happy that he got Yadava army for his support, but he did not understand the real significance of Krishna. Next day Karna enters into the war field even though he gets an opportunity to kill the remaining Pandavas.

Karna plans it to use on Arjuna, but unfortunately, that night Ghatokacha attacks Kauravas camps and start kadna it, so, in that critical situation Karna has to use it on Ghatokacha. This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat Abhimanyu defeats whoever came his way and vanquished many.