BALZAC AND THE LITTLE CHINESE SEAMSTRESS. Sijie Dai, Author, Dai Sijie, Author, Ina Rilke, Translator, trans. from the French by Ina Rilke. Knopf $ New York Times Bestseller Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress is an enchanting tale that captures the magic of reading and the wonder of romantic. Directed by Sijie Dai. With Xun Zhou, Kun Chen, Ye Liu, Shuangbao Wang. Two youths sent for a Maoist “re-education” in the mountains fall in love with the.

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It is a diamond that is yet soft and delicate impossible opposites? While Luo is gone, the Little Seamstress finds out that she is pregnant, which she confides to the narrator. One day, as Luo is departing for the city on a two-month leave to visit his sick father, she tells him that she has a problem but does not elaborate. There is a feeling of closeness to the earth and the A charming, brief novel set in China during the cultural revolution. LitCharts uses cookies to personalize our services.

The Chief also examines the boys’ luggage and burns a cookbook, which he claims to be bourgeois. The village headman, who has just had an unsuccessful dental surgery, threatens to arrest Luo and the narrator for harboring forbidden ideas from The Count of Monte Cristo if they don’t agree to find a solution to the headman’s dental problems.

A charming, brief novel set in China during the cultural revolution. A pleasing talent to be sure, but a marginal one, with little future in it. In what ways does China under Chairman Mao, as represented in Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstressresemble Afghanistan under the Taliban, or other cultures that strive to keep the modern world from undermining traditional or religious values?

For anyone interested in this period of Chinese history, Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress provides the feel of the times and takes a deep look at the customs that restricted people at every step of the way.

Created by the original team behind SparkNotes, LitCharts are the world’s best literature guides. A fine little read. The Revolution, the Communist Party and their respective trappings are sometimes present, but often conspicuously absent from the story, giving the characters a convenient freedom when it is needed and the story a sort of lamely suspenseful tone when things seem sezmstress be lagging a bit.


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Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress describes the lives of the narrator and his close friend Luo during those years, as they are sent to a remote region for re-education by the peasants inwhen littlr are in their late teens. Inhe left China for France, chimese he has lived and worked ever since. As an only child, Dai would’ve been excused from Mao’s “Up to the Mountains and Down to the Countryside” program, which sought to “re-educate” young students by sending them to work and learn from the rural peasants.

Sijie’s unnamed year-old protagonist and his best friend, Luo, are bourgeois doctors’ sons, and so condemned to serve four years in a remote mountain village, carrying pails of excrement daily up a hill. Then they This story is set in the communist China of early seventies where children of highly educated people were forcibly made to stay in peasant lands and be re educated I.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. And the narrator is left to protect the little Chinese seamstress from all the suitors ad lurk around her tiny hut. I chose this excerpt from the book because it seems to sum up the changes seen in the characters: The novel focuses and “accents on a soft center rather than China portal France portal Film fhe.

Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress – Wikipedia

The Maoist government sent him to a reeducation camp in rural Sichuan from toduring the Cultural Revolution. Little Chinese Seamstress Ye Liu How can Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress be read as a coming-of-age novel?

Upon arrival, the boys are questioned on their “reactionary backgrounds” by the Chief Chen Tianluthe village leader, in the presence of the other villagers. The only possessions they have been allowed to keep on the Mountain are the narrator’s violin and Luo’s alarm clock, which quickly becomes a novelty. Everything was malfunctioning, the schools had become useless, and the country was already on a downward spiral.

These novels also serve to sustain the two companions during this difficult time. The two friends are good at storytelling, and the village headman commands them to put on “oral cinema shows” for the villagers, reciting the plots and dialogue of movies.

Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress

Apr 29, Nari rated it really liked it Shelves: Lou Ye, who spent his youth on the banks of the Why does Four Eyes object to the authentic mountain songs Luo and the narrator bring back from the old miller?


The most cherished and precious love when given changing connotation and connections?

Questions and Topics for Discussion 1. Start your free trial. What is the ironic result of his success in making the Little Seamstress more sophisticated? See this year’s top trailers in under a minute, including Avengers: He would like nothing more than to woo her for himself, but, ultimately, his kindness goes unrewarded, as, having gotten a sense, even if at one remove, that there is a world beyond her little village, the Little Seamstress leaves to seek her fortune in the big sexmstress.

Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress Reader’s Guide

Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress on a single page. A film based on his novel directed by Dai was released in He succeeds beyond his expectations, but the result is not what he might have hoped for, and leads to an unexpected, droll and poignant conclusion. sfamstress

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. When a young man and his friends dig a hole to expand their restaurant, they enter a nearby bank vault that is being robbed.

Love Story in Shanghai Mother of Four Eyes Zuohui Tang When they get their hands on Four-Eyes’ books, sexmstress read the forbidden stories to the Little Seamstress and her father.

Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress is written in a characteristic style. The film explores the themes of youth, love, and freedom in those dark times in China.

Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress () – IMDb

Nominated for 1 Golden Globe. How does this classification affect the fate of the two boys? There were many characters in the film who spoke directly about freedom. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Oct 10, Lars Jerlach rated seamsstress really liked it.