Page 1. Page 2. | । । । yALE UNIVERSIT`. LIBRARV. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page 14 . In , the rare book dealer Wilfrid Voynich discovered what is now known as the. Voynich Manuscript in a Jesuit library at the Villa Mondragone near Rome.

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The Voynich Manuscript

HPalakat87 – favorite favorite favorite – August 26, Subject: Pyat – – May 27, Subject: However, the mystery has finally been put to rest. For years now, people have been complaining that the alchemists were a pack of wolves operating in a den of iniquity; perhaps here’s some solid proof that at least voynivh of them actually was.

The mind has to be opened away from 21st century modern computerized motions then taken back to see the manuscripts future. The implements the gravid women are holding seem to center around midwifery. I would like to recommend Terence McKenna’s talk on the Voynich Manuscript to anyone interested in it, simply amazing.

Why isn’t he chairing a department at Yale, why isn’t he world famous, if he’s correct?

And how they interact. This observation may simply point out a ,anuscrito illustrator, but seem to be a journal of progression of grafting as many of the plants are unidentifiable.

This looks so familiar. Silk route was well traveled and passed through that region. Book seems legit so he pays a good money and brags to his friends as he owns a scientific book. Alchemical Manuscript This is undoubtedly an alchemical manuscript in the Paracelsus tradition of using alchemy to produce superior medicines. I believe this manuscript was prepared by more than 2 people.


Lost work of DaVinci? One possible interpretation The book, as many sayit looks like a book of botany. Language This in my opinion is not a language whatsoever its a code, although some of the symbols are familiar such as the Greek letter R,T,TH, and many more in lower case. Another possible explanation If you analyze the overall context of the writings and it’s accompanying drawings, you can see that plants and women play into a theme.

Read the supposed expert’s testimony. When I first looked at this I decided to look at the images Rather than try to de cipher the text of which some appear To resemble the Russian alphabet. The roots of all the illustrated plants seem to become more attached as the manuscript progresses.

The Voynich Manuscript is immediately interesting. Later like his auto biography he started writing about it by his research between the drawings. Please widen your knowledge as I have detailed as much as possible, There is no alternative to this, because this is the truth.

The Voynich Manuscript : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Minnesota Multiple Monodot – favorite – June 25, Subject: This might indicate the “peasant” actually had a high intellect in a remote area who had no access to books or anyone who could write. Topics voynichmanuscript. I hope, my explanation will ddescargar to resolving the Voynich manuscript once and for all.

The act of which, of course, compels us subjectively to impart meaning on the object in question ever stare at clouds? I’ve made some translations of the plants into the Macedonian language. Some last pages are the descargaf and potions and medications compositions made with the help of these herbs and plants for women related problems.


Just because you don’t understand, doesn’t mean the rest of the world doesn’t either. Scientific names and common use of plants.

Please watch this fully- Please do I have provided proofs for the whole alphabet comparing it with the existing written characters available manuwcrito Multani, Khudabadi, Khojki, Landa, Mahajani languages.

Holiday Schedule and Closed Collections Schedule. So when I then see the circles with firstly a face between two half moons I clearly see the moon cycle and same for the sun clearly depicted. Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Ramesh – favorite favorite – June 25, Subject: Kaliel – favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite – January 5, Subject: Here is a hint.

What do a Venus fly trap, the birth of Venus painting and the songs “in bloom” and “kiss by a rose” have descargzr common. I believe the text is a prototype alphabet of Macedonian.

So far, this has not been done. A book made to look valuable. Similar artifacts have been found in Karelia Sofporog in